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November 05, 2010



Good for her!!! I agree that attitude plays a humongous role when you have surgery or in the hospital.


I've known your Mother for quite a little while and this news does not surprise me at all. She is a REAL trouper!!!! GOOD for her!!!

christine witt

love your mom and her awesome attitude!! Glad to know she's doing well!!

The Eastsider

Great News! I love her attitude.

Rock Chef

My FIL had his knees done a few years ago - he became The Bionic Man!


Thanks for the great take on my hospital stay, Babe. Now quite as a slam dunk at rehab -- the exercises here are really, HARD. I actually work up a sweat (and you KNOW how I hate to sweat), but I know it is all working toward me getting back to normal quickly.

There is a caregiver meeting re. me on Thursday so I should find out then when I can "blow this pop stand", but I'm guessing I'll be home at the beginning of Thanksgiving week. Wahoo! It will be great to be "normal" gain and then get to see you and the girls soon after.

Love, Mom


Miss you, Jenny.


Your mother is my inspiration as I prepare for my long awaited knee replacement at the end of February 2012. I have saved her posts about her preparation exercises and rehab....and I am praying that my experience is as good as her's was.

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