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October 11, 2010



A nice story Jenny. Thanks for sharing. I hope your new barn last you at least as long as you need it - Dave

Chrissy Witt

your already building your barn! Turn around and look, look where you are and see where you were.....the foundation is being poured! Keep it up! I'd say Valentine left a great legacy to follow and you have Valentine in your veins. Like him, you have stepped out into the unknown and you are building!


A great post -- it made me cry because I can picture that barn and Grandma coming to call you to dinner too. And then I read Chrissy's comment, and I cried again. All I can say is, Amen, Amen, Amen.

Love, Mom

The Eastsider

I love it!! You are one amazing woman and your barn will last for lifetimes!

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