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September 27, 2010



We all Marvel at her and her Amazing Mother!!!!

Rock Chef

It is great to see our kids find something like this that they enjoy and are good at!


Well, you weren't "steely", but I would argue that you WERE determined. Phil, father of your basketball teammate Lori, once commented to Dad that he didn't know anyone who had a stronger will to win than you!

And remember the semi-state afternoon game in volleyball? Their star kept serving her bullet serve right at you (while her boyfriend loudly heckled you from the stands a few feet away), but you hung tough and didn't get rattled. Your team would not have won the state championship the next week if at times like that along the way players like you hadn't been determined NOT to lose.

I love and admire Coco so much and love to hear a story like this about her. But YOUR baby has nothing on MY baby when it comes to a will to win.

I love you, babe and, in case you haven't noticed, I'm always proud of you. :)

Love, Mom

The Eastsider

Yeah Coco!! So proud!

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