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September 07, 2010



Really glad to here from you again. I love the posts and enjoy the way we look at ourselves when we actually are doing quite well.
give the girls a hug and relax and enjoy the day or night. Pear shape is definitely better than apple!!!!!


That reminds me. I need to make you a DVD of your state championship game. I bet your girls are old enough to really enjoy seeing you playing basketball. Dad and I have looked at it several times over the years -- and it's always a thrill when your team wins in the end! Love, Mom


BTW, you might have surprised yourself if you had played basketball with the "younguns" -- your competitive spirit has always given you a good chance to win, even when your stats might made you the underdog.


I agree with your mom that you might have given those youngsters a surprise. But oh the pain over the next few days! :-)

Daddy Forever

Sadly, I decided to play with those young guys a few years ago. By "play" I meant I walked up and down the court while everyone else ran. I also got some rebounds by using my elbows. I've still got the moves.

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