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September 02, 2010



You're right -- not a movie for those as "old" as your mother or as young as your girls. My guess is no Academy Award nominations here. :)


Hello new minion of mine :)
Thanks for visiting my blog and I usually repay the courtesy by paying a visit at yours... looking around the room, brushing the furniture for dust, gawking at the pictures on the wall etc etc. :)
Well, I've seen Kick A** at the movies months ago with a few friends. I found it rather decent and original, though strictly not for youngsters to view. I am not a vulgar guy, though sometimes I use very VERY strong words to children (I am a teacher) to make a point (to the rowdy ones anyway).


I did try to post a comment in your new blog but I was unable to do so. Maybe my connection was too slow.
A pop out comment form is easier to load, just my thought :)


Hmm I'm sure I posted a comment here yesterday... stating something like this movie doesn't sound like my cup of tea.. and that I was unable to see the photos posted in the previous blog post because I don't use AOL (a message came up telling me that I appear to have logged out of my AOL account).

Thanks for your visit to my blog recently. Very much appreciated. :)

Rock Chef

Sounds like the sort of movie I pick up when it gets nice and cheap!

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