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April 22, 2010



Wow what a great song to have pop up!

The Eastsider

Isn't he amazing.

Llama Momma

great song...and...sorry. :-(


hang in there!


LOVE that song! Sounds like God knew you needed to hear it at that moment! :)


I'm so sorry that Lola is moving, but the good thing is that far away friends aren't nearly as far away now, because of cell phones and the internet. So, I'm sure you'll stay close.

I love the words to that song. I do think you were meant to hear that right now.

I love you, babe. Mom


Continued prayers for a soft landing; continued offers of an ear should you need it.

Miracles come true

But she still shines
Though the night falls around her
And by her light
I find my way
When I fear the path laid before me
I look to the light of her face
And thank her for being so brave

The moon remains
In fullness or frailty
A faithful climb
And I stand amazed at the way Jenny shines

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