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March 02, 2010


Auntie April

Love you!!!


Call your MOTHER!!! (I know we've talked recently, but CALL YOUR MOTHER should be on your mind EVERY DAY!!!!) :)

Love, Mom


Glad to hear you are getting there (I was getting a little worried). Oh, CALL YOUR MOTHER!

The Eastsider

Lunch next week?????? Or Coffee???? Or a walk???? Let me know. P.S. Call your MOTHER! ;)


You know, Giggles and The Eastsider seem like such nice girls, who would definitely CALL THEIR MOTHER every day! I may have to adopt them. :)

Chrissy Witt

Glad your getting there. One step at a time!

Jenn@ You know... that Blog?

Allow me to add to that: Stop by and say hi to Jenn!! ;)

It's been AGES! How are things with you? I'm catching up on your posts right now.

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