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February 15, 2010



Dad told me that when he talked to you you also said that the 19 year old's father showed up and prayed over you. Sounds like God had His hand in this too! I'm so glad it wasn't any worse. Love, Mom


I'm so glad you and the kid were all right. Thank goodness.

Fat Bridesmaid

Dude that blows! So glad you're okay though!


So glad you're okay! I'm with your mom, sounds like God was right there with you! :)

The Eastsider

I am so glad you are o.k. and the other driver. If you need anything let me know.

Chrissy Witt

Oh my goodness! Glad your OK! Sounds like that 19 year old was raised pretty well!

New Diva

Holy Cow Lady! I am glad you are o.k. Maybe you should ease up on the excitement in your life a smidge...just a thought. :) Again, so very glad you and the young man are o.k.

invisible neighbor

I'll chime in with everyone else with thanks that you are ok. Please call me if you or the girls need rides anywhere. We are at your service.

Invisible Neighbor

Rachel Stoneham

That was really WHACK and a bit painful somehow. I'm just glad that you're safe. How did the insurance companies know that you've got into an accident? Well, you must be more careful the next time you hit the road. Accidents can happen anywhere.

Tyra Shortino

I also hear that word sometimes, but not at all in the context of accidents. Well indeed, that was most shocking! How are you now? You gotta be careful next time you drive.

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