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February 21, 2010


Chrissy Witt

Sometimes you just gotta mellow out and red wine is the perfect match for mellowing!! Funny that you mention your first drink of red wine at church for a ceremony, I remember my sis doing the communion service and the Priest waiting for her to stop GULPING the wine! Sounds and looks as though you are doing well, I pray it's so!


Hmmm. Interestingly enough MY first taste of wine was when I was confirmed into the Lutheran church too -- when I was 20 years old! I remember telling Grandpa H. (who was an elder and dealt with setting up communion among other things) that I kind of liked the taste of that communion wine, "What kind of wine is that?" and he laughed and told me it was Mogan David! Cheap, sweet red wine. Thus began my preference for cheap, sweet wine. :)

This is a lovely story, except for the part about Lulu wielding a knife! You might want to ixnay that! Although, I guess better her than Mimi!!! :)

Love, Mom


i made that this weekend for the first time! it was sooo yummy!!! (and MUST be served with red wine!)

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