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February 03, 2010





Well, that was nice.


Hopefully this is the first brick in two way street that you and George will build between you that your children can travel easily both ways and feel loved all along the way.

The Mom

Damn! I hate when we have to give them credit for sometimes being good guys! :)
Actually, Sandra says it much more generous and lovely than I just did. Love to you!

invisible neighbor

Ya know, you can always call me. My kids are not that young and you know we stay up way past most sane people.

The Eastsider

I have to agree with Sandra. But always remember there is invisible neighbor too.

Chrissy Witt

My heart was stolen at this post! I loved the fact that there really is a bridge to build a different relationship between you and your wasband! Honestly by reading your comments you are an amazing woman with the most amazing people behind you and the wasband is one of them. I'm not saying you two need to be the best of friends, but I do believe you two are on your way to a new relationship that has the possibility of being positive, the only thing standing in your way is choices (sorry) not just yours but his too! However, look at these beautiful people who do not care the time of day, night or morning!! Such a beautiful testament to your love and friendship!

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