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February 10, 2010



Do you still have that lovely camera? When do we get to see pictures? You must have some very special and generous friends, not to mention an amazing mother.

The Eastsider

I sure wish that I could of stayed longer. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!


Thank goodness for family and friends. Sounds like it was a good time. Congrats!!


Aren't family and friends wonderful? Cheers on your newly livable place! :)


Thank you for not mentioning the feather boas I gave each of the girls because I had them on hand and thought they would "polish off" the tops of their hampers nicely. I'll always remember those sweet, warm words that you said when you saw them, "Feathers mother, really?!" So sue me. So you'll have a few feathers floating around in your new place. I think that will just make it "homey". You were just kidding about allergies, right? :)

It was a wonderful evening and I was so glad I attended and got to spend time with so many of your friends. They are an amazing group.

Chrissy Witt

I read about your divorce/housewarming/drinking party on your moms blog the other day! Then to read your post about her gift and her comment to you, toooo funny! I have the complete storey between you and your mom! All I can say is, don't you feel like "I've got this thing handled!!"? really? Your love and friendship is amazing! Keep it up!

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