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January 24, 2010


Chrissy Witt

Oh yea, as soon as I am "done" with him, I will send you his phone number! But don't hold your breath, I may be awhile!


Wait a minute. I have to quit laughing at happily-married Chrissy's comment! Okay, I've regained my composure now. :)

We saw this movie Friday night at Cinema Grille with AL and UD, and we really enjoyed it too. And you are right -- Dwayne is just charming, besides being realllly cute. Of course, some reviewers panned it and even the good reviews were luke warm, so we KNEW we would like it.

He's become one of my favorites too.


Did your love waver for even a moment when he appeared in a tutu? I think UD's might have.

sharon tuzik

I'm sad to see you post this...it means we're going to have to arm wrestle for him. Because he's mine. You can have Dan.


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I really agree with you, Dwayne is the perfect example of what a men should look like. And he is also a great actor.

Katia Craig

Have you ever wondered what came into the writers' and casting crew's minds when they decided to put The Rock in a kiddie movie like this? I've talked about this with my friends here in Sarasota. In my opinion, they should have retained The Rock's character, the one who knocks dental implants and teeth out of other hockey players' mouth, but instead of him being a childhood dream destroyer, he knocks the other players out for a good reason. Well, that's just my opinion.

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