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January 03, 2010



Wellll. Everything is subject to comparison. Paint is the cheapest wall covering, so I guess it's still a deal! But, budget-wise, you could ask yourself if they really need to be painted or you just picture them a different color. If that is the case, you could do them one at a time as your budget allows.

Piece of motherly advice #5,432,356,753 :)

Love, Mom


Maybe instead of doing all the rooms at once like your mom suggested do them one at a time as the budget allows. How about the rooms you don't paint put pictures up. Or if you don't have them, have your girls make drawings or paintings and hang them up.

Llama Momma

I agree with your mom! Slow and steady. Of course, I lived in an orange kitchen for a year before we had the time / money to paint. It's crazy what you can get used to!

Have fun painting!!

The Eastsider

You need to find someone who can give you a paint deal. Have fun!


Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see pics. :)

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