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November 11, 2009




luv you...good to hear from you:)

hang in there, i'm glad you feel like you can breathe and that you are reassured of life continuing after such altering events.

you can do it...in your own way and time.

p.s. it took me a YEAR after separating from my "wasband" to finally refuse to cut his hair. that was momentous for me. as trivial as it may sound.


I'm also glad to see that you're alive even if it is only barely. I'm glad you can see the future without him. Good luck and thanks for checking in.

Fat Bridesmaid

JENNY!!! I'm so glad you posted this and even gladder (what? it's a word.) that you had this moment. YAY!


I can only echo everyone else's sentiments...so glad you've checked in! I've no doubt that you'll have many more "moments"! Hang in there, Jenny! :)

The Eastsider

Happy for your moment! Hang in there! We love you!

Moneypit Mama

Hang in there - I found your blog last year when I was searching for a cheesy hashbrown recipe last Christmas(and yes - thank you!). As a prior single mother, I can tell you that you will survive - and you will do it happily. Especially as you start making decisions for your children, yourself, and no one else. It's incredible!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

It's all about those little rays, isn't it? Good to have you back!

Jenn@ You know... that Blog?

"Wasband"!!! I LOVE THAT - hahaha :D I mean, yeah, I get that it's because of ending, heartbreak, yadda yadda, but that word is just so empowering.

Awesome. You go, girl.

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