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August 28, 2009


melissa from girlymama

sorry you're hurting, dear. hope things look up soon!

The Eastsider

You know I've been praying for peace for you! Please know that you are loved. Hang in there, I'm always here if you need a hug or vent. Akso, Happy Birthday Gunny!!! I hope you had a great day!


hang in there jenny, these storms in life leave us with damage...but we will become stronger and more resilient for the next one.



Jenny!!!!! I was so glad to see a post! So, swimming the Bitter Sea eh? Boy have I been there....them's choppy waters! Hang in there....it does seem to get better little tiny bit by little tiny bit....over the long course of time. Can you get the Wasband out of the house? Cuz....EWWWWW! Although I know all too well how depressing it is to drop your kids off at the therapists...it is really good for them in the long run.

Happy Birthday to your Brother....we all need those bright spots.

On a happier note....I thought of you while I was in Venice last month. I had an amazing time. I even got engaged. Hopefully the stress of combining two broken lives into one whole one won't kill the whole deal. Bit by tiny bit.....we keep moving forward.

Much love to you and the girls!

-The Mom

Rock Chef

Hi! Great to see you! I had almost given up on your blog! Almost...

Sounds like life really sucks at the moment, but things will get better, I promise!


I think it is very touching that you would return to posting to celebrate Gunny's birthday.

You are a good mother and a sweet sister and daughter, and I love you, Babe.



I love you, too, and I sure have missed you in the blogosphere! Praying for you all, even the Wasband. AL

Chrissy Witt

I was soo happy to see you posted. I have been thinking of you alot lately, must be why! sorry you have been going through so much, good thing you are a strong woman.
Happy Birthday to Gunny!

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