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May 05, 2009



I absolutely LOVE Sharpie Markers in lots of colors. I love to look at them. I love to see them on my desk. I have yet to actually USE them, but I love them! :)

Sleepless in OL

Well if you didn't have so many loyal followers I would suggest a hand written blog mailed to each of them, HOWEVER, being the blog diva you are the postage would cost as much as the new gaming laptop. I say a nice cool lemonade stand in Stepford or whatever you call where you live would pay for a new one (but it won't do laundry)


cute post! Been missing you! I sure hope your laptop gets there soon!

Mary Kelley

Who's Buddah??? I just turned 40...is this my imagination?

Miss Danielle

Be sure to send me the address where you got it from.
Laundry you say....bout time someone thought of that !


Miss you Jenny! Hope all is well!


Just popped in to check out your blog for the first time...excellent!
I am inthralled with Twilight right now myself. I thought it would be some cheesey teen book but I have found it quite addictive.
Ahh star crossed romance with fangs....swoon...

Sleepless in OL

Is she every coming back? :(
Oh wait! Just like the rock stars and hollywood big deals maybe she is planning a big comeback blog. Then she will sneak in later with Chased by Children the Lost Blogs--found in a concealed vault at an undisclosed Starbucks. So everyone, what will the first headline be? While she is out maybe we can offer up some ideas. Rally around fellow commenteers and post your ideas on.


sigh...i so do miss you jenny.

hugs and kisses:)


Llama Momma

Miss you, Jenny.

Send me an email if you get this: whitlock 6 at ay oh el dot com.

(I know you'll figure that out...because you're clever that way...)

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