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April 13, 2009



Yeah - 400 posts and a contest. Those chocolates look too pretty to eat.

So when I was a kid (6 years old) on Easter morning my brothers and I woke up to find our Easter baskets. We had to go to church shortly thereafter and I couldn't wait to get back home and have some candy. Well, I didn't put my basket up and when we got home I found that our dog had eaten every bit of candy out of my basket. I was the most pissed off 6 year old girl ever! My parents felt so bad and let me get a bit of my aggression out on the dog for a moment. Then my dad took me over to the drug store and let me pick out the biggest chocolate Easter bunny I could find to make up for my loss. I will never forget that Easter - ever!


I have no funny easter stories...so I know I won't win.

But I have to pop on to say that I loved your Venice updates and hope that the divorce is going as well as it can. Hang in there.


Congrats on your 400th post - even without a computer (bummer!)
Your vacation sounded wonderful and your pictures were great. Thanks for sharing!

My Easter story took place Saturday night...

Shelby and Alec (our niece and nephew) came over to teach us a new game Shelby had learned about in school on Friday. It is called Peeps Jousting. I know you are all saying "What??", but we laughed SOO hard and had so much fun doing this. You have to have chicken peeps and sharp toothpicks. You place two peeps on a plate facing each other with toothpicks stickout out of them pointing towards the other peep. Place the plate in the microwave and turn on for about 30 seconds. The peeps will swell up and jab their toothpick at the other one. The one that jabs the other one the best wins. We melted lots of peeps but had the best time with our niece and nephew. When we were done jousting, we took the rest of the peeps and put them on straws and placed them in a vase as a centerpiece for Grandma's table for Easter dinner.


Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I enjoyed it, and I know that it is the closest I will get to Venice. What a wonderful memory you and your daughter made together.

I am very sorry about your computer, but I bet I know someone who is retired...and could find it!

After Easter dinner at our daughter's house, the grandkids had an egg hunt...the granddog also. Dog is a shepherd/collie mix, and was running around and hunting just like the humans. She never touched any of the eggs UNTIL she found the slightly larger one. She grabbed it in her mouth and did a victory race around the yard! Suddenly she stopped, leaned forward and gently clamped her jaws on the orange plactic egg. Out popped a dog biscuit, which she smelled, licked, and slowly ate...all gone. Then she ran around the yard again!

Miss Danielle

If I win the lotto... mid week I promise to surprize your tip jar.....then you can buy a state of the art Lap Top....start looking because I am buying a black BMW on the same day....I'm feeling lucky...

A huge congratulations on your 400th post....

Now for my famous Easter Story....

So it's Easter morning and the 2 youngest kid wake up and come running into the our room, asking "what day is it ?.."
"Easter Day "... I reply...
But Mummy...there are no eggs ?....

(Holding my breath and looking at DH)....

Well that's because the Easter Bunny has left them in the Boot of the car....In fact kids, he had a blister on his foot from all his hopping around, so Daddy lent the Easter Bunny the Ford to drive around the hood !!!!

Rock Chef

Congrats on the 400th post! Sorry about the problems, especially the divorce business :-(

Easter stories? I will have to think about that one. Those chocs look wonderful!


Funny Easter story, that is hard ...

This year, Kate (who is 3) was a riot when she was "unpacking" her Easter basket. We don't do a lot of candy, so she gets an assortment of random stuff in her basket. She picks up a bottle of Princess bubble bath and cannot contain her excitement. She proudly exclaims, "I have my very own ... THAT!"

The only person I've ever met whose has been beyond thrilled with an unidentified object.

Moments later, she grabs a book from the basket. I inform Kate that is is Noah's Ark. She looks up and says, "Uh huh. I ark with it?"

So, we've apparently turned ark into a verb.

The Eastsider

My funny Easter story occurred when I was 9 or 10 years old.

It was a tradition in my family to dye 18 eggs on Good Friday (why 18, I am not sure), so the Good Ol' Easter Bunny could hide them on Holy Saturday. On Easter morning, my sister and I were up early to find our baskets and the eggs. Since we were older, the "Easter Bunny" hid the eggs on all floors. We searched and searched and found 17 eggs. We searched some more for that 18th egg and could not find it. The "Easter Bunny" couldn't remember either where the egg was hid. The “Easter Bunny” had an early senior moment.

Well, time passed. It was in late Fall and the “Easter Bunny” came down from the Master bedroom laughing and holding the unfound egg. It didn’t even smell which surprised us all. We really thought our dog ate it. We all laughed and the “Easter Bunny” wrote down where he hid them the following years. We laugh each Easter remembering the lost egg story.

P.S. Congratulations on your 400th post.


Congratulations on your 400th post! I've really enjoyed them.

Unfortunately, I have no funny Easter stories. You would think with three kids I would...


Sweetie....:( So sorry to hear about the divorce. Been there and thinking of you! I don't really have a funny Easter story, but I was baptised in a bar on Easter. hehe. Kinda explains me to this day. ;) xo.


Let's get together and nurse our sorrows shall we? Martinis? Wine? We could eat that pretty tin of chocolates just for ourselves...cuz we divorcees deserve it damn it!

4 years later and I'm still battle-ing in court (this Friday to be exact)The Wasbund wasn't self employed I hope!...but I do still have a laptop. So, there is that! :)

Hang in there. I don't have any funny Easter stories but my vote is for Annie...she's gotta be great if she was baptized in a bar on Easter! That's my kind of gal right there!

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Nice tips.I have no funny easter stories...so I know I won't win.

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