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March 11, 2009



Okay. I was buying all of this and finding it kind of touching ... UNTIL I got to the part about "where's your mom's favorite place to go", and NO ONE said Mimi's Cafe?!! Now, I'm not believing any of it! If not ONE of them gave that obvious answer, I have to assume you have inadvertently interviewed some other woman's children!

Love, Mom


This is too funny. I've seen it on other blogs, but you've inspired me to try it with the boys! Also, I think perhaps Princess LuLu's name may have changed in question #4. ;)

Rock Chef

You are like Sponge Bob's Mom? Wow!

Great post!


Love, love, love this! Your answers cracked me up as much as theirs. Totally going to steal it, if that's ok?


Too funny! Love it! Crackin me up!


These were great. I am so glad you stole it and now it keeps on going. So you're a meat lover, huh?

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

I stole this from somewhere else and am posting it tomorrow! Great minds, my friend. Great minds.

Miss Danielle

PMSL...Kim Impossible....Oh I gotta see that LOL


Sweet. I might have to do this.

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