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March 04, 2009


Angela S

Yummy! Oh $50 target card could be a lot of fun!


What about 400 pieces of CHOCOLATE? That would be bliss.


I think a ticket to join you on your trip would suffice.

4 hours at a spa of the winner's choice might be nice if that ticket thing wouldn't work out.

Other than that--
A few of your must have books from either your left or right widget

In honor of your laundry fairy post- two 200 load bags of laundry detergent. I know a great natural one (http://www.simplycleanok.com/). No, it isn't my company and yes, I have used it.

- a pretty martini glass, you know, for those of us who drink

- the 400 pieces of chocolate sound good, but I'm more a pure sugar person, so 400 jelly beans. It is spring time after all.


As much as I would like to suggest that you give one lucky reader a pair of $400 shoes (OMG pick me! pick me!) wouldn't it be better to pay it forward? Times are tough man, and there are lots of folks who need help. What about pledging to make a small donation to your favorite charity for each comment you get on your 400th post (up to a limit, naturally)? That way you get to feel lots of love in the comments and make the world a little sunnier too!


I'm voting for the 400 pieces of chocolate, but only if I win. Then send them 400 celery stalks.


What about a gift from Venice? Isn't the city like 400 years old? :)

The Eastsider

I would like you to give away your 400th item you purchased at Target for 2009. Do you remember? I sure hope it isn't tampons.

The lurker

still stuck on the laundry theme...400 used bounce sheets?


Hrmmmmmmmmmm...I have thought long and hard about this one.....
For your 400th Post,(and a huge congratulations by the way).....

My random give a way idea is.....

Drum roll please.......

I would like you to go out and grab a bunch of flowers and give them to the cleaner of the toilets in your office....

Stop staring, your mouth is open...I can see your fillings...


Rock Chef

How about giving away a child?

If I win my prize goes to Danielle at Sitting in Silence. She needs something nice right now!


HI..I came over from Danielle's. Since my world is currently revolving around educating my children...how about a free textbook of their choice? I mean, if we don't educate them, how can they ever move on to have intelligent blogs?? :)


After my post today, I came up with the perfect idea for your giveaway. You should print out a picture of you with your mile-high 80's hair and autograph it. That would be priceless! Sure it has nothing to do with 400, but whatever, it would still be fun.


Someone mentioned a gift from Venice which would be my first choice (I Love Italy!). But since that is not an original idea, let's see...
how about a sheet set that is 400 thread count (I'm not sure if that exsists, but it sounds good).
Thanks for the giveaway, and I really hope you enjoy your time in Venice.


They do make 400-thread count sheets and they're great. Two thumbs up!

PS. My post mentioning this contest goes live Friday morning. Woohoo!


400 items for your local food pantry. Included with each item should be replications of your most inspirational blogs.

People need substance for the mind as well as the body...this will provide both.

Food for thought!


How about you have to manage to work that person's name in to your blog 400 times over the next year?

Or flowers. Everyone likes flowers.

New Diva

I tried this comment earlier, but somehow it didn't show...Anyhoo, your wit is gift enough to all of us every day. :) Gave you a shout out on my blog today. Hope your world is o.k. or at least o.k.ish!


Congratulations on 400 posts!

Okay, 400 of anything would be difficult, so I'm going with 40....If you want to go the practical and sincere route, how about you agree to do 40 Random Acts of Kindness over the next year, and blog about each one. If you'd rather do something silly and fun, how about you agree to make 40 wake-up calls to the winner, each with a witty message to start their day.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook

I love SleeplessInOL's idea. Or perhaps $400 for the food pantry . . . or $200 for the food pantry and a $200 grocery card for the winner, to spread the love around.


I don't know you, I'm just here from Danielle's blog. Having said that, if I were to win, I think the coolest thing to win for your 400th post would be for you to print out all 400 of the posts, and put them in a cool binder or have them bound if you're really creative and ship them to me or whoever the winner is.
My logic is that you are proud of your blog just as I think we all are and to celebrate the success of it, you should help a reader get to know you!
I guess it could seem corny but I don't think so. Think about all of the autobiographies at Barne's and Noble. You would essentially be giving your autobiography of your life to a reader. Whether it's someone like me who hasn't gotten to know you or someone you've grown close to, it would be equally appreciated!

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