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March 12, 2009


The Eastsider

Oh Jenny! They are not fun. Could it be a migraine? I get migraines 2-3 times per month. Get some rest! I hope it feels better soon. Even with the headache you wrote a great piece of poetry.

Call Me Cate @ ShowMyFace

I suffer from migraines all too often (not sure if you had a migraine or just a "regular" hateful headache). I hope you're feeling better by now.

Rock Chef

Yeah, hoping to goes away very soon and stays away too!


Poor baby. Drink cocoa.

Love, Mom


I like Mom's advice....although I would need it to be a sidecar to some strong coffee!

Tell your girls the story about the princesses that took care of themselves while their mommy took a nap and go lay down.

Happy Healing!

New Diva on the Blog

Wishes for the anti-headache fairy to come and visit soon, soon, soon.


Dude, I feel you. Totally. It has got to be bad when you don't even have to ability to look at your computer.

I am wearing my sunglasses right now, lest the pounding returns.

Kiss kiss.


Hoping you feel much better! PRAYING you have found awesome sleep with great rest and wake up feeling ready!

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