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March 10, 2009


Rock Chef

You are going to regrout the children? That is new on me. Does it work?

Spare typre? 20 sit ups a day just shifted mine so I don't want another, thanks!


Hmm...a laundry bonfire. Now there's a thought... :)


I love your list. This is the 2nd blog that I've read this morning that is doing cleaning and organizing and now I have the itch. Looks like that is what my day is going to consist of.


Okay. I heard something at lunch that may help. Ever heard of Fly Lady? Apparently, she gives you a "chore" every day. The woman who was telling me said that she had been to her son's house recently and realllly noticed how much cleaner it was (they have two very small children) and she mentioned it. Her DIL gave the credit to Fly Lady! I'm going to check it out. You may want to too.

Love, Mom


Your list makes me tired but giggly....does #6 reconcile with #9? I have a drawer in my laundry room where all the mateless socks go....I am now inspired to throw a disco ball in there to see if it helps thin out the crowd!

The Eastsider

My girlfriend swears by Fly Lady. I'm not that organized but her book is suppose to be good and her website looks interesting. I'm not ready to take this step. www.flylady.net

When you are done with your house, can you come by mine?

Miss Danielle

Gee wizz...sounds like the Bon fire may need to be let off in the middle of the house !....

Dont know about the tyre, over here they charge you to take it away....

How about you just find some rope and tie it to the nearest tree ?- LOL

Lyda Tavorn

Oh my! Scrubbing all the "scrubbable" things, including the children, was really funny. I agree that the fastest way to clean the carpet is by throwing it at the back of your basement. Kidding aside, I guess I should start preparing for my next spring cleaning.

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