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March 13, 2009


Rock Chef

Bad moms don't really get that - they get to stay at home and have another baby ;-)


Ha! I love Rock Chef's comment!

A jail chaplain said this one time and I've never forgotten it, because I think it's true: Even if you were imprisoned in the
Waldorf-Astoria, had food service and didn't have to do anything to make a living, the fact that you were locked in and not in control of your own life, would still make it "prison".

New Diva

I beg your pardon?!



Dude, I WORK in a jail. It is totally not cool. For the following reasons:

1.No laundry, but your bras and knickers have touched other peoples bums.

2.Someone else cooks, but it tastes like donkey sweat.

3.If you get a job, it is touching dirty underwear or preparing aformentioned donkey sweat.

4.Free de-lousing, AND also pulling apart your butt cheeks for closer inspection.

5.Free medical care? Yeah, 'cause we have time to coddle 140 inmates. Don't call unless you are bleeding out of your eyeballs.

6.No peer pressure. But there are some top notch gangs to steer clear of...for shiz.

7.You probably want to impress the guys who are going to want you for their girlfriend...or those who will kick yo' a**.

8.A lot of time to read? Yes, ten year old readers digest magazines are full of information you need to know.

9.No snacks? Except for a nutritionally sound pb and j sandwich.

10.Free tats? Where do I sign up?

11.Please don't go to jail Jenny...I think you're cool without having been incarcerated.

That was fun...we should totally do it again.



I'm afraid Andy's comments just might be enough to keep me from going to jail, too. I've often thought it would be a nice break from Spongebob and Disney Princess crap in jail. But spreading my butt cheeks? Doesn't sound so fun.


three hots and a cot, how could you go wrong! Oh wait there is that freedom thing!!

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