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February 16, 2009


Llama Momma

Don't forget "become a lunchlady."

It's my destiny. I, too, have lunchlady arms.


This is verrry funny. You are quite the wit, but, (drum roll) YOU'RE WRONG! I am actually surprised how quickly I can see a difference in my upper arms when we are faithfully going to the gym!

So, put down that carton of ice cream and lift those weights!

Love, Mom


wooooo! I'm wit you. Clear winner there!!


Please say it isn't so about arms not responding to exercise after the age of 35! A) Depressing
B) Too many wasted hours to think about
C) I could have just been eating ice cream????

So not right!


Damn. I have the same problem, however it has also migrated to my stomach, butt, and legs.


Here is my thought on this area. This particular phenomenon when you pass from this Earth does a 180 degree and becomes your angel wings. So don't fret....the more you have the loftier you will be :)

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