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February 24, 2009



If it wouldn't be too intrusive, I'd be glad to do laundry while we are there on Thursday and Friday! I actually like to fold clothes, but I didn't when I had kids at home. That's a retiree "hobby" I guess.

Love, Mom

(Aren't you glad that Grandma eventually made me do laundry, so that I actually know HOW to do laundry?!) :)


Jenny, I totally agree with you re: housework. I am in the land of overwhelmed also. I say we just buy some jumbo garbage bags and throw it all away.

I also read your mom interview and hers also. You have an awesome mom...

And I also back you up in thinking your brother pushed you down the stairs. Boys do that.

The Eastsider

Take your Mom up on the laundry deal. It is a retiree thing. Everytime my Mom comes to visit she has to do my laundry even if I tell her no, even if it just one load. Crazy but if that is what she wants to do. Luv ya!!!

The lurker

Yesterday, I stood in front of my children removing clothing piece by piece from their laundry basket, asking them to identify WHEN they wore it, WHAT they did in it, and WHY did they think it was dirty. Then, I rounded up the troops and we goose-stepped off to invade Poland.

Laundry Nazi


I see a team building session in the works. C'mon your the VP and are so creative I am certain that you can devise a wonderful exercise for your team to undertake the organization of your house. Start with a catchy title like Extreme Executive Organization (they will never know with a title like this that you are the executive and the organization is what they will be doing). Next work in some skill building like planning (where they actually have to diagram the shelving units for the linen closet), procurement (buying the same colored towels on a budget) and execution (wash, fold, store the new matching towels). Finally, make a paper certificate on your computer, insert into one of those elegant looking paper certificate holders, sign them and award them for completion of the Extreme Executive Organization course. Hey! If you can get your brother to come out and do some marine yelling like they are recruits you can even have a sequel Extreme Executive Organization Boot Camp.


If all else fails get someone in to do it....or at least help you get it undercontrol.....
Just as a once off....nothing wrong with hired help LOL...
Apart from the fact that it's hard to find !


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