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February 18, 2009



I am not the best self motivator, that is why I have to be surrounded by other people and the best way to do that is start doing group exercise classes. They are a great way to have fun while getting in shape and also provide a social outlet. I swear by them. Best of luck to you!


I agree with Lynette's suggestion. I recently saw a class going on at the gym and I asked one of the trainers what kind of class that was, and he said "Kick Boxing!" I may not do KICK BOXING but I am thinking about getting into a class -- it would give me some variation with my exercising. (btw, spinning class sounds like it would make you dizzy!)

Love, Mom


The hardest part is to start. But, you will have more energy and it sure will give a mental boost. So, drag yourself, even if it is kicking and screaming to the first session. It then gets easier


First off, I'm thinking that the volleyball coach is pro'lly not too bad off....there's more physical exertion in just claiming that title than I can proclaim as I sit here typing.

anywho....when I was first going through my divorce I loved me a run on the treadmill. I would get up early and run my little heart out silently yelling at him, myself, God, the universe. By the time I was done I had exhausted all the black ickies in my heart for the day. It was a true sanity saver.

'Course I wasn't working outside the home full time. That's my excuse for not doing the same routine currently.

Wanna be virtual workout buddies?


I'd love to be motivational here, as I'm a complete exercise whore. Seriously, I do a minimum of an hour of cardio every day, and I lift weights a few times a week, etc., etc.

But guess the hell what? I'm still overweight.

I got nuthin' for you.

'Cept maybe this: if you work out lots and also lay off the wine and chocolate, which I can't do, then you'll be a big loser.


I hope you're still in the right mood to hear the workout words of wisdom and whatnot.

My son is 17 months old. Until about 3 months ago, I didn't even try to lose weight. I was so overwhelmed by how far gone my body was from where it was pre-pregnancy that I couldn't even start.

So here's what I didn't do. I didn't join a gym because that's humiliating to me and it involves time I don't have to spend. I didn't go jogging because I don't want to anger the elasticity in my breasts any more than I have apparently angered it. I didn't join WW or any food delivery things.

What I did was park my elliptical machine in the living room facing the TV. Every other night I would do like 15 minutes and then on the alternating nights I would load one of my Firm Workout videos into the DVD and just do what I could.

I had to continually tell myself not to expect immediate results and to just keep doing it.

Then, following some advice, I went online and used a fitness calculator on Self.com to find out what my approximate daily caloric intake should be.
Everything I have read has told me that if you want to lose weight, start with your suggested caloric intake and then remove 3,500 calories per week (500 per day) by eating 250 fewer calories than you would have each day and exercising for about 250 calories a day. It is way WAY easier than it sounds. My suggested daily caloric intake is 1900. So I ate/drank 1650 per day and also worked out until my elliptical told me I'd burned 250 calories or did a video until I felt pretty pooped.

I started that at the end of December and lost 15 lbs so far. The bummer is that I had pneumonia pretty much all of Jan and feb and my dumb butt didn't stop working out until late Feb so I just got more and more sick. But now I'm on the mend and I am just able to work out every other day until I'm strong again.


This is really long. I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to write a book but I guess I'm so thrilled that losing weight ended up being just a numbers game that when i read what you wrote I thought I'd share what worked for me. Y'know....one Illinoisan to another. :)

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