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January 18, 2009


Llama Momma

I'm going to be really creative here. Wait for it...

Chased by Children



How about ....Life as a Late Bloomer


A Furtive Approach.

I have no idea - I am so bad at these things and being any bit creative. Good luck with this adventure.


"Keep reading the answers are in here!!"

The Eastsider

Stepping out in Stepford


When a Witty Child Grows Up . .


But I Digress


Just for the record, a title and a subtitle do not break the rules. I am all for toeing the line, but I don't want to risk IRS reporting ...

Me Myself and the Blogosphere: Shut it


"But I Digress. Shut up!"

Wait, I hear knocking.

I have to go now, someone's at the door. Hmmmm. It's two men in suits. It looks like one of them is carrying a copy of the tax code. And the other is wearing a lapel pin that says "IRS Rocks!"

Love, Mom (Visiting days are Tuesday and Thursday.)

Ann G

"Go Crazy!"


An Unfinished Life

It says that you are! It says that you are a work in progress! It says what you want and what you don't want to say! It has possibilities and says everything is possible! It has hope! It says there is a sequel!


Hi, it's me again. (Yeah, I'm out on bail.)

I read the suggestions again, and dar's inspired a slight variation of her suggestion, "Life As A Late Bloomer."

How about "Life In White Bloomers!"

So, sue me.

Love, Mom

The lurker

"Well, I thought it was funny..."

You can send me the prize whenever :)

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

I thought I commented on this earlier, but I don't know what happened!! Here is my entry:

Dear Jenny...Yours Truly, Purgatory

New Diva on the Blog

Hey lady, I gave you a shout out and a thank you on my little old blog today.

My entry:

And Then There Was...

melissa from girlymama


enjoying the view:
even from the last row on oprah

alternate title:
always get the matching wallet ;-)


"True Confessions from a Mogul Blogging Madame"

Chi Chi

Friendships at Forty: The only thing that keeps us fabulous!

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