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January 21, 2009



HAHAHAHAHA...that is too funny! I was just catching up and dropped by to say something witty, when I see my name! How exciting:) And I totally DO have a purse...and if my dog could eat it I give him a frigging medal to hang around his fat bastard head. But I think it's too big. And full of crap. Just wait until the picture. And your purse is totally drooly. Although $200 would probably trigger an anxiety attack.

Beth - Total Mom Haircut

I like the Kors the best! But of course, we've already learned that I have less expensive taste:) And I can just picture that in white...nice.

Thanks for playing along! Who knew how badly everyone wanted to show off their bags:)


Love Love Loveeeeeeeeeeeee this post !
I am the biggest handbag chick....I have a fab collection of Guess and a LV.....(but only one of these as DH flipped a gasket over it !.....LOL

Musings of a Housewife

Fun meme! I played too. And I'm totally lusting after that blue purse!!

Coach Handbags

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I love that first purse you posted!

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