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December 22, 2008


Llama Momma

What a blast! And what a great memory you've made with your girl. Good job, Mom.


There's no doubt about it -- we are related. The ONLY time I tried liver and onions, it stuck to the roof of my mouth, engaging my gag reflex. Not a happy memory from 40 years ago! A thought for you to ponder, "Why didn't my mom ever serve me liver as a child? Oh, maybe she was trying to save me from having that awful experience myself!"

You're right -- a great story that you and Coco will always share.

btw, no, before you ask, I'm not interested in playing this ordering-for-each-other game with my daughter! :)

Love, Mom

melissa from girlymama


i remember when my dad made me try liver that my grandmother had made.


that was me remembering.

hope dessert was yummy!


What a great, fun post. We're all laughing with you not at you remember. The best line had to be, "I may never enthusiastically bite again." Awesome!


oh my gosh...too funny! I used to waitress, and the liver and onions always SMELLED so good. Smells are deceitful.


Hilarious. I can eat liver and onions. Have you ever tried Tripe or Kajmak? They could get hostages to talk with this stuff


Liver & onions sounds so delicious, my mom made it all the time. It's a hate it or love it dish for sure.

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