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October 08, 2008



HA! I know that you do not put up 4 or more pine trees for Christmas!!


Ha ha, I would guess number three is not true. Though if you have six toes, how do you ever buy pretty shoes? I picture you to be a shoe girl, so maybe that's it.

Thanks for the tag...I'll try to find something interesting to write about myself. Hmmmm...

The Eastsider

I've seen you in flip flops and sandals and never saw that 6th toe on your left foot. Granted it could be hiding.

New Diva

I would know if you had a 6th toe wouldn't I? I think that is the false one!


I think you do a good job of hiding your sixth toe.

Love, Mom


4 Christmas trees...now's there's an idea...wish I had thought about that before I brought the Mother of all trees, that weighs 67 kilos and needs 8 men to put up...did I mention that there is a hole in the roof because the rotten thing is too tall... or the fact that it needs 21,300 pieces of crap on it before it looks half decent ?.....grrrrrrrr

In other news....

I'm going the 6 toe thing...by default...



We only do two trees at the moment (one is a star trek tree...nope, i'm sadly not kidding) I'm actually thinking of doing a third...

four...i'm totally envious!
love trees, love christmas...how can you go wrong?

Daddy Forever

I want to say 6 toes on your left foot is not true. You probably have 7 or more toes on that foot.

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