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August 21, 2008



hehe. I think I might have been Princess MiMi as a kid.

The Eastsider

I agree. Last weekend we went Up North, a 3 1/2 hour car trip. We wouldn't let our Princesses watch any DVD's, no leapfrog, and no DS. It was an interesting experiment. They handled it well. They read and looked at the scenery. Thank God they both took a nap when we drove past the farm field with the bull trying to mate with several cows. Poor guy, no one wanted him. At least it made the King and I laugh as we expounded the bull’s poor love life.

Llama Momma

Sad but true...


Amen, sister.

And welcome back to blogland, stranger. Nice to see you again.


totally. why can't kids just sit in the car for ten minutes without stuff?
but i don't know how to fix it....


I wish to respectfully suggest that just MAYBE if Gunny fell out of the car, it was because you PUSHED him. Just a thought.

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