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August 22, 2008



Good luck, Coach! (Don't forget to send us a schedule of games.)

The Eastsider

It was good seeing you yesterday b4 practice. You were in your element. Keep coaching until Princess Ella is in 5th grade, o.k.. Princess Ella is sad that she will not have Princess Coco has her buddy this year. We had a long conversation a couple days ago. However, I do think we may have another chance with Princess Amelia and Princess Coco as 1st and 8th grade buddies. Wouldn't that be cool.


Ooh best of luck - and be sure to tell us all about it!


wooooo! Kick Butt coach!


What could go wrong ?....4 female coaches?..

LMAO...(sigh) LMAO....

Cant wait for part two !...


Oh and what's with the preveiw of our comments...

Are you making us responsible for our own actions now ?LMAO


Wow, so much fun and it sounds like there will be so much for you to share! Have fun with this stage of life!!!

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