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June 30, 2008


Llama Momma

ugh...I hate diets. I hate being hungry.

But I hate being heavy, too...so, yeah, I'm on one too. :-)


I know what you mean,those drive-thrus are tooo convenient! congrats on your loss so far, keep it up!!


YAY YOU! I might have to do something like this.....is is hella expensive??? Drive thrus are a HUGE downfall o' mine. =/


Oooooh, I need to do this. I just like Oreos too much. Sigh.


Im on a diet too. I'd comment more but Im too weak to type.

The Muter

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Oh I so hate diets...even though I swear by weight watchers...

What a great idea getting the food home delivered...

That's the hardest part over....now you can sit back and watch the pounds drop off...


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