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April 07, 2008



If it makes you feel better, you can totally kick my ass in volleyball. Badminton too, I bet.


Argh The poilitics of sport...I tell ya...it ruins your health LMAO...

Stick to your Star Bucks...LOL

Sister Honey Bunch

Ahhhh! It's. So. Hard.

Jane @ What About Mom?

Great post. Enjoyed the recap of crying on the way home. Now I'm thinking it was a good thing I didn't make the volleyball team in 9th grade. Saved me a whole lifetime of aggravation!

The Eastsider

On the bright side, you played for a good cause and it sounds like there were many injuries. You are not getting old!

Chrissy Witt

I am so sorry you had a rough couple of days! Hope you are feeling a little more cheery now!


Okay. I'm a little concerned when I read Eastsider's comment, "I hear there were many injuries." I know my little girl and sports. She is the one who told the big burly center on the opposing basketball team in high school that basketball IS, in fact, a contact sport! I just hope my sweet little girl wasn't the one causing the "many injuries!"

Love, Mom :)

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