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April 14, 2008



Wine and/or burritos.

Hope tomorrow is better!

Chi Chi

I call my girlfriends for a drink or three. Hint, hint. We will come to you. Just call!


I'd probably fall in a room with a classic line..

"Oh Crap...is that really the time?"

Followed by a quick dial down to starbucks and a rather loud" Coffee on me"....

Suck ups always work ! LMAO

New Diva on the Blog

Great question, I am in search of that answer today.
Usually my kids give me enough smiles to get through to tomorrow.


Big glass of red wine followed by a long, extra hot shower with the lights off (so much more relaxing) and then bed. Dang, makes me wanna do that right now.

Peace OUT!

Llama Momma

Chocolate is always good.

If I can, I take five minutes and just sit quietly. Sometimes I pray. Sometimes I just focus on what is good in me, instead of beating myself up over whatever has gone wrong. I remind myself of previous accomplishments and let that ugly voice just slide off of me.

Hope that's not too New Age Phooey for you! :-)


I shut the door to my room and lock everyone out. Then I crawl into bed.
I hate bad days.


chocolate. red wine. a long, hot bath. and sleep. glorious sleep.

that's about all the tricks i have ;-)


Well, today was one of those days - I guess I just woke up on the wrong side of the coffin. And all I could do was try to put on a happy face & then start my evening off with a margarita.


I make me a lemon drop. Watch reality TV. And openly bitch! ;)


A good cry and a hot bath, usually followed by an Excedrin and some sleep.


Chocolate and prayer are truly synergistic.

(Even I need something really distracting, I find that those crass VH1 reality shows are quite soothing...)


I'm with Ellyn.

Chocolate is awesome, and then reality shows so that I can feel as though my life isn't half bad in comparison.

I usually handle things like an adult (sometimes the best I can manage is to curl up in an adult ball on my bed, but hey it is an adult ball!).

autumn dahlia

Wine and magazines. Don't know why, but I love it.

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