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March 04, 2008



Don't you love the multiple identities? I'm Kate, Katie, Katrina, Weezie, Katherine, Mommy, Mama, Baa (baby can't quite get Mommy, although he has no trouble with Dada, go figure!) Honey, Hey You, Susie (when people get my sister and me mixed up)....etc. Growing up my family called me Katie, but when I moved away I started going by Kate, thinking I'd sound mature. Not sure if it worked, but at least when I get a phone call I can geographically narrow down who's calling depending on who they ask for! Still enjoying your blog, Katie/Kate/Whoever

Invisible neighbor

Funny post. It's amazing what we will answer to. In my case it's Mom, Marmi, Mother of Pearl, Pearl, Pearly Shell, Hey you, Patti, Patricia, Pat (Yuck, you want a punch?), Portia, Miss Patti, and many more that come up from time to time.

New Diva on the Blog

I going to start calling you "hey lady" or maybe I will simply say, "have we met?" Who loves ya baby, it's me!

The Eastsider

And don't forget.....Sister Mary Jenny.

Chrissy Witt

Ha ha!! good funny post! I really enjoyed this one!! So how many hats do you really wear?

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