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March 30, 2008



Ok, I am not following the rules, but I HAVE to tell you my great discovery. Take a mug, spray inside with Pam. Take one egg, crack into mug and scramble. Put in microwave for 1 minute. Toast an english (or bagel) while you wait. If you want, also microwave a slice or 2 of precooked bacon. Put egg patty on english with bacon and slice o cheese and you got yourself a super quick breakfast! I am not a coffee person, so I can't help with that. I would make myself a large strong cup of english breakfast tea and also bring an ice tea for the ride.

Anyhow, I know this isn't funny enough to win, but I wanted to share my amazing egg sandwich tip with you. (And I am Catholic, so that helps, right?) :)

The Eastsider

OK Sunshine or Sister Mary Jenny. Breakfast meal: Toasted Whole wheat Lite English Muffin, with reduced fat peanut butter, and sliced bananas on top. I know it doesn't hit the grease factor but man it does hit the comfort food zone.

Brew your own Starbucks at home.

The money that you will save should go to me a.) I'm your friend. b.) will help me move to the evil west side of town. =) Which would allow us to be almost neighbors and we both could let the naked family know that we can see them and then c.) next year we could donate your savings to them and purchase window treatments.


OK, this is my breakfast almost every day and it is yummy. One half everything bagel. Toasted. While it is toasting, microwave two slices of bacon. Slather toasted bagel with veggie cream cheese then top with bacon. Of course brew your own starbucks at home. Just have plenty of half/half on hand. Also you can buy the sugar free syrups from starbucks. You will save a lot or money and calories if you switch to my menu.

With all that money you save, you can
a. Go to Disney World or
b. Buy yourself a kick ass new wardrobe or
c. Hire someone to clean for you.
d. skip the family vacation and go to New York with someone special and see a couple of shows.


Wow! That is a lot of money at Starbucks. I would rather spend that at Pottery Barn! But that's just me, I'm very intimidated by the whole ordering lingo at Starbucks. I would try to pull through McDonald's instead. I think their coffee is really good and you can't beat the grease on any of their breakfast sandwiches. I think a good old fashioned egg Mcmuffin and a large coffee would cost you about 4 bucks. That would be a pretty good savings.


Anyone who knows you, knows that the last thing you need is caffine. EVER! Drink water. Add 5 equal if you must. If you need grease, no place is better than McDonalds. Monthly savings? About $175. I decline to suggest how you should spend the savings only because I don't think you need help find something to spend the diffence on.


Hmmm...maybe you could just down a shooter of vegetable oil, followed by a couple of Diet Coke chasers? Certainly much cheaper, even with really pricey EVOO! :) I'd go for the Disney vacay with the savings. Or maybe you could go in with a few friends and just BUY a Starbucks franchise (can you even DO that?).

mrs ski

Well, I don't drink coffee and I don't eat breakfast either so I'm probably not going to be any help but I'll try. You could start out your day with a ice cold Brandy slush made with mountain Dew instead of 7up. that should cover your caffine fix. As for the grease, why not grap a few sliders from white castle. that's gotta save you at least $200. a month. As for the extra money, I know a family who could really use it, or just take a few friends from St. Whotheheck on a girls only trip.


For my breakfast, I usually have my bacon, egg, and hashbrown quich. I can make it on sunday night and freeze half of it, so mon- wed I eat the first half. on Wed I eat the other half.
Now for my caffee routine. I, myself, must have at least a gallon of coffee doing on 12 hour period! So in the morning, make 3 full mugs. One that will just sit on the counter all morning, because seriously chasing 3 kids, I always have one cup that turns cold, the second cup I can actually enjoy. Or really chug down in between changing diapers, getting school clothes picked out, and dressing myself. and the third cup might as well just pour it in my center concole in my car! Because it doesn't fail, when we are in a hurry and I bring my cup with me I hit a red light a little to hard and there goes my coffee! SO then what else is there to do but pull up to starbucks! :)
As for the money you save, forget disney, take yourself to vegas and and have a kid free week!!! :)

the Mom

Hmmm...Dunkin Donuts, girl! A bacon lovers, egg and cheese bagel, and a couple of lattes will cost you six bucks. You've just saved $7 a day. So, let's see if I can figure this out...seven a day times thirty days in a month equals two hundred ten dollars minus the weekends...so eight days times seven is fifty-six ....doing math in public should be outlawed..I'm just saying..Then subtract the fifty-six from the two ten and you get one hundred and fifty four. $154 saved just by buying the better coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Whew! Who knew saving the world was so much work?

Now what to do with it....you could get a bikini wax, it's almost summertime...you could even splurge and go Brazilian! Oohh! Brazilian! better idea! Take your money and get a massage from Raul. You'll be so relaxed, you'll be saying "Coffee? What coffee?"


LMAO...You have a naked family in your street !...

Harrrrrrrr Ha Ha Ha Ha...ewwwwwwwwwww.

Oh yes ....back to the questions.

Why I think you should suffer along with me on weight watchers......

So here is my pick assuming you are driving along with one hand.

1. Cheese and bacon bread cut up in wedges.
Heated and if you must, topped with real butter.

Practically fat free and 5 minutes to prepare.

2 cups of SR flour.
30 g reduced fat butter cut into pices.
100g reduced fat cheese.(grated)
2 rasher bacon, trimmed of fat.
1tbs fresh parsley.
1/2 cup skin milk.
1/2 cup of water.

Preheat oven to 220.
Mix all together and press out to a round shape.
Cook and cut into wedges.

It will keep for the week, great for school lunch boxes and you can even add some of your own favourite tastes such as olives, ham, an egg, tomato etc.

It can be as naughty or nice as you like.

With the money that you will save from Star Bucks...

I vote on a sparkling silver brand new fang dangle coffee machine..that attemps to do everything including answering the front door.....

That leaves about $22 dollars left and with this you need to go out and buy a bottle of brown brothers wine from Australia...and give it to the poor employee that will be put off because the bussiness made a sudden drop of 3120 LOL...

Paul Nichols

I don't know what to tell you to eat, but I eat 2 slices of raisin toast and a cup of no-fat yogurt every morning, along with a bottle of Lipton Sweetened (no lemon) tea, which is chugged down on my 20-minute drive to work.

Then, what you should do with that $3,120 saved is put $3,000 of it in a savings account, because it appears you're receiving a $3000 tax credit every year, which could soon be extinguished. ( I have three at home also, so I know ).

The other $120 should be spent on a good coffee maker ($60) and on 20 packages of Maxwell House redi-filter packs. I think there are 10 packs per package. That should hold you for 200 days.

The other 165 days of the year should be spent without coffee in reparation for the fact that you spent money at Starbucks in the first place.

One last thing - that $3,000 that you put in a savings account will earn 2% by next tax season, giving you a return of $60.

After you claim this substantial capital gain of $60, you'll owe approximately 15% of that in tax ($9). Leaving you with a net gain of $51.

With this, go ahead and treat yourself to 34 randomly picked days during the next year where you can pick up a cup of coffee at 7-11 at $1.50 each and consider yourself fortunate.



Starbuckian is a language I hesitate to speak anymore due to the ridiculous increase in prices of my favorite drink Venit Non Fat Latte with two pumps vanilla.

Therefore, i have gone forth and conquered a less expensive habit of *fancy beans* to be ground in my coffee maker every morning. A purple mug full with two teaspoons sugar and a drizzle of half n half is saving enough cash to hire a bimonthly housecleaner, worth every dime.

And from reading the comments, you could also use the spare change and treat yourself to a well earned massage - you are sure to have something tense in your body with all that caffeine! :-)

As for what to eat for breakfast - hmmm - you must have a cast iron tummy to drink that much caffeine and eat that grease - everyhting bagels with whipped cream cheese are the way to go.

:-) thank you.


What hospital were you born at because I think we were separated at birth!?! (I'm a two drink ordering, pastry eating, got the kids addicted to pumpkin loaf and know the employee's mothers' names Starbuckian myself.)

But, like you, I realized the RIDICULOUS amounts of money I was spending there and decided I needed a change. Did you know that there is actually more caffeine in coffee than there is in espresso? (I discovered this while watching a show about the birth of Starbucks and the modern coffee craze.) So you won't be losing any of the caffeine from making a strong brew at home. The key is making it fun.

Here's what I'd do:
1. Buy some beans from Starbucks.
2. Develop a brand new drink you can make at home. Because, let's face it, if you try to duplicate what you order from Starbucks, you are just going to be disappointed. I've started adding cinnamon to the grounds before I brew the coffee. It adds a great flavor and also gives me the health benefits of cinnamon (which Dr. Oz recommends!).
3. When you do order from Starbucks, switch from an iced latte to an iced coffee (and then add a little equal and cream to it). Tastes just as good and costs a lot less. Plus you get more caffeine!
4. Make the egg, cheese and bacon sandwich at home. It sounds like others have offered a lot of recipes for this already, so I won't bother you with another. But, again, the key here is to make it original so that you don't compare it to what you are missing.

And what to do with the savings? A cleaning service would definitely be at the top of my list. But I think you deserve something for YOU. I mean, it is going to be hard work giving up the manna from heaven in a green and white cup to Mr. Coffee and Maxwell House. You deserve something that is just for you and a big deal. Something you wouldn't normally do for yourself. Something bold and wonderful and over-the-top. Something like a week at the Miraval Resort in Arizona. I'm just saying - the reward should be worth the effort.

Good luck!


Mountain Dew and leftover Pizza?

--Oh wait, that's my students' caffegreasy breakfast.

Well, if you are going for relative health, cost/time efficiency, and modeling some taste for your adorable daughters, I do say Vanilla Diet Coke (its very sweet, full of caffeine and easy to pick up and drink in the car) and a spicy hummus poppy seed toasted bagel with alfalfa sprouts (you can make this in 3 minutes).

Just remember that if you get pulled over, the poppy seeds can register as opium on a drug test.

Of course, being a good Catholic girl, your angelic face would get you out of such false predicaments. ;)


Okay, so I became a Starbucks addict after the recent birth of my 3rd kiddo. I of course no longer had the luxury of "sleep when they sleep", so massive amounts of caffeine it was. Of course the doubling of our credit card bill was enough of a shock for me to wean myself off of the sweet, sweet nectar. I switched back to my usual drink of Coke Zero for the caffeine jolt. Since I have given up the Starbucks fun except on special occasions (ie Tuesdays and Thursdays) I have no coffee in the house. I do have friends who swear by expensive beans and a French press for their early morning pick-me-up.

As for the grease factor, I would recommend getting everything bagels from your favorite bagel place (the frozen grocery store ones taste like a Starbucks cup holder). Toast one, spread with real butter and top with microwaved pepper bacon (a personal favorite as well). Easily eaten on the go and very filling.

Take the saved money and do the following: 1) Tithe 10% to St. Whotheheck
2) Take half of the remaining funds and do something special for yourself (my personal choice is a cleaning service and weekly pedicures for the summer)
3) Take the other half of the remaining funds and have some more fun giveaways for your interpeeps!

Chi Chi

I have been thinking about this one for days and here is my 2 cents. Since I know you are up at the crack of dawn each morning making pancakes, eggs, bacon and other assorted breakfast treats for your 3 children before you get them off to school, you obviously don't have time to make anything for yourself. I think you deserve a little Starbucks as you head to another hard day at the office. So, my suggestion to reduce the cost, even if it is just slightly, is to buy Grande size instead of Venti and see how much you save. It may pay for your grease sandwich. Otherwise, take all the leftover breakfast off of the kids plates and roll it in a tortilla or place on a muffin, and voila...breakfast sandwich and you save a little more. The few dollars you save over time will pay for a lovely girls night out with the Stepfords. :) Do I know you or what?


I stop at Starbucks once, maybe twice a week as a treat. Yes, I'm worthy of two treats per week, including tomorrow =). Simply looking at the money I was spending, I made myself start making coffee at home. I do buy Extra Bold Starbucks beans and I prefer plain black. I agree with one above - figure out your own fancy schmancy recipe. I think you still need to stop to say hi to your Baristas...they made GREAT coffee. But you gotta find your own homemade and once it's a habit, you'll crave it, too.

Grab a piece of fruit each day, cuz well, it seems right - and make smaller sandwiches than the ones you'd buy. Get one of these toaster things to get your fix: http://www.amazon.com/Back-Basics-TEM500-Muffin-2-Slice/dp/B000B18P96

Money Saved?
Put it into a savings account as soon as you get paid - earn some interest. Create an amazon wishlist if you don't have one and buy something you want every so often. I have my wish list just to remind me of things I want when I have some extra money. Oh, and maybe get yourself a gift card each month with a set amount as your Starbucks 'allowance'.

It's not easy, especially when the Baristas write sweet notes, like this: http://snowchel.com/index.php?s=starbucks. But you can make new habits.

the Mom

I forgot to add that with a Dunkin Donuts frequent filler card, every 6th cup of coffee is free. So add that into your savings. Every three days you will save $2.25 with your free coffee. You can also switch out you grease bomb for a sugar bomb occasionally and have a box of donut holes. Nothin' like some chocolaty goodness to perk you up and keep you going.

What to do with the additional savings? Hire a maid and never scrub a toilet again!

Jennifer Resemius

I really want to win does that help my case!?? Ok.. so def. make your own coffee at home.. use international coffee creamer... specifically white chocolate macedamia nut - YUM! Also we make our own breakfast sandwiches.. so here goes... everything bagel, egg, sausage and cheese. Pretty basic but it's yummy! I say put the money in savings and go on a trip to Disney!! or somewhere else really cool. :)


The way I see it, you've got two options: a partial withdrawal from this routine, or going cold turkey. I do not mean to imply that you are a Starbucks addict! But depending on how set you are in your routine, you may want to go slowly at first to determine whether you could go the distance at some time in the future. The way you'd do this is, instead of going to Starbucks five mornings a week, go on Mondays and Fridays only. When you go on Friday it will be in a celebratory vein ... easing into the weekend, as it were. When you go on Monday it will be in the interest of easing back into the work week as comfortably as possible. If I've calculated correctly you've now saved $39 per week, or $158 per month, or $1,872 per year.

That leaves you three days to get your grease and caffeine in an alternate way. If I were you I would look into all the delicious ready-made microwaveable breakfast sandwiches there are out there. If you don't like any that are sold at your supermarket, go online and find some, like from Schwann's for example. Have them delivered on a schedule and keep them on hand. Likely you'll be able to locate one with an equal amount (or more) grease and that you like at least as much as the Starbucks version! Each morning all you have to do is nuke one and voila! you're there.

As to the caffeine fix, buy some primo coffee beans or grounds (like Gevalia or BocaJava or even Starbucks) and a state-of-the-art programmable coffeemaker. Teach the most responsible (or gullible) of your darling kiddies to get your coffeepot ready at night. Show them how to make the joe so strong, hamsters could trot across the surface if they were so inclined. To pump the darling up about this privilege, tell them: "You'll be giving Mom her first plasma infusion of the morning!" And just watch their little eyes light up.

This way, you can attain consciousness to the incredible aroma of fresh-brewed coffee and enjoy your first cup while you're glamming up for the workday. And you've bolstered a child's self-esteem into the bargain! For transporting the joe, secure a really cool travel mug from Starbucks. Buy two if you want that second cup for your desk, or invest in a nice portable carafe. You only have to do all this stuff once!

With the money you save, take your kids somewhere less commercial and more nature-oriented than Disney World but still touristy, like the Grand Canyon or the Outer Banks of North Carolina, or Cape May, New Jersey. The memories (and the pictures) will be better, I promise. You don't have to wait in line to watch a sunset.

Or buy your kids some books and DVD's (educational of course), hire a good sitter, and go away with your man for an exceedingly romantic weekend. A loooong weekend at a place with an exceedingly attentive and motivated waitstaff.

Or keep the $$ on hand for all the blood pressure and heart medication you're going to need if you keep this up! This is meant to cheer you! Maybe your doctor will look like Johnny Depp! One can only hope.

The thing that you will save that is more precious than those dollars, however, is time. You've got to be spending 5-10 minutes in that Starbucks line each day. Let's split the difference ... 7 minutes a day, three days a week, is 21 minutes per week, 84 minutes per month ... that's 16.8 hours per year. Use this time to talk to your children, or walk outside and show them a flower, or discuss economics.

Karen (Simply A Musing Blog)

Wowsie. You're drinking and eating your retirement away!

You could fast for breakfast and then properly invest that $260 a month over the next 30 years and have $1,037,505.18! (you might have to eat oatmeal and have a cup of coffee?)

OR...you could fast every other day for the next 30 years and invest the money you save ($130 a month) and you would have $458,888.79.

The average person needs $250,000 just to EAT during their retirement years $5 a day, 3 meals a day for 25 years. (And that's only if your dadgum spouse doesn't want to eat!)

I hope I didn't give you heartburn. :)


Oatmeal is the way to go. It's filling, healthy and very cost effective! You can get a grease fix by, get this, adding..REAL butter! So much yummier and healthy (by the articles I choose to read about it). You could also stretch the oatmeal concept and have a cookie, but I suggest the real stuff. They make the "to go" containers! I like coffee, but prefer tea most days. I have to drive quite a way to get Starbucks. That's when I get the fru-fru coffee fix. I think you could brew your own most days and swing by Starbucks a few days. The baristas will remember you, don't worry.

With the extra cash, you could have a monthly facial, manicure AND hire a housekeeper. That would be the good life! Or, you could take a trip to Europe (with some cheap tickets). I live here, and highly recommend it for a holiday. Wait until later in the spring or summer when the flowers are blooming and attractions are open.

My husband is Catholic, so maybe that will help :). However, if I won the certificate, I would have to bless a family member or friend with it. I'm not sure it would work here.

I'll check back to see what you decide to do with your daily routine.


I'm the SAME way. I adore their breakfast sandwiches and I also enjoy a cold drink immediately and a hot drink for later. Birds of a feather. You sure you're not from Seattle?????

But, I must enter b/c this is my kinda contest.

The breakfast idea I have is a scrambled egg (pan sprayed with Pam) with asparagus and mozzarella cheese wrapped in a pita warmed in the microwave. It's delish. And coffee mate with drip doesn't suck. Especially the choc raspberry.

I'm going with shoes all the way with the extra money you'll save!!!

pick me, pick moi!!! A fellow addict.



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