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March 05, 2008



I got the flu the only year I ever had a flu shot too...I never bothered to get another.
Hope you feel better!


What do you mean ... her class didn't like her story??!! I didn't have time to talk to your mom about her class because she was on her way to ... well, you know. But I can't believe they didn't like it. It's always been one of my favorites. So sorry to hear that you're sick. Please don't pass it on to either of your two favorite people. Oh, and get well soon. Love, AL

Chrissy Witt

Hope you are feeling much better very soon!!

Chi Chi

Feel better. Also, I have some soup waiting for you if you are ever home. Call me and I'll drop it off. :) Love ya.


I'm Back...Did ya miss me....?

Sorry to hear your sick with the flu,so far(touch wood) we have managed to stay clear of it over here in OZ land...

Hope your up and about and feeling better soon.


This has been the sickest year in a LONG time for my household. And it sucks. Get to feelin better, girlie!! And I actually found the only way to get relief was to ignore their idea of a reccommended dose. whatever.

Hannah Specter

For all answers I'd say "go to bed". That'd solve everything :)

trying to figure out these answers will probably only make you sicker or your head hurt.

Simple Blog Writer SBW

This winter has also been a sick one for me. Got the flu, though somebody told me it wasn't the flu. Okay, I felt like a truck hit me and I didn't care.

Not like your mom's story? Ah, that happens. Tell her listen to the comments, nod politely, and keep writing.


Hi, found you thru Don't Try This at Home.

Sorry you're sick but your post made me smile. :)

I'd like to quote you on my blog. I couldn't find an email address, so would you email me? Thanks!

Chi Chi

Where are you? 4 days and no post? HELLO?

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