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March 16, 2008


Chrissy Witt

Spring Cleaning in a new light!!! That is some serious cleaning. Forget the martini, two shots and two advil and you should have a good night!!!!


Look...if you ever find that persrciption...I know someone that would pay a fortune for it....LMAO

The Eastsider

Good Luck!! True Spring Cleaning. You're hired to come an empty my house next!


Hey, I'm getting in the car right now. I can be there in a few hours. I need to check that dumpster and make sure you aren't throwing out any of the "treasures" I've trusted to your keeping, like the Melmac dishes I got free when I bought pots and pans in the 60's, or the lava lamp that lost its lava, or the wiglet that I don't like any more but that I think would look charming on you! Step AWAY from the dumpster -- until I can get there and make sure you aren't throwing away any of those "family treasures!"

Chi Chi

I admire how when you decide to clean, you get a dumpster and start to throw out. What I can't believe is that you still have so much that you needed a dumpster again for the 3rd time, yes this is the 3rd dumpster in 3 years. I have been in you lovely home and besides the laundry room and your office, there is no clutter. So my question is, where is all the "stuff" in the rather full dumpster coming from? :) Love ya. I hope we can see you this week for Beefcake!

Kat @ The Burb Blog

Spring cleaning time, huh? I guess I better get my butt in gear too!


Wow I'm jealous.

I always talk about doing something like that, but can't find the motivation.


I'd skip the Advil - and take 2 martinis, a bottle of Gatorade and a whole pack of Mad Croc caffeinated gum. That'll fix you right up!


Advil, 2 martini's, a banana and a huge glass of water. You're all set. ;)
And I so understand. The Salvation army stood me up. Can you roll the dumpster my way when you're done with it????

The Eastsider

Did you get lost in the dumpster? We haven't heard from you in a few days.


My son works at Goodwill. I am so furtunate that he can take all of my junk into work with him when I get up the energy to cleanse my house. Last time it was 10 bags of old clothes. The time before that it was eight boxes of miscelaneous toys and stuff from the storage closet. It doesn't make the house any cleaner, but it does make me feel as though I have accomplished something for a few days at least.

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