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February 18, 2008



We do love you even when you're not giving something away. We do not, however, visit your blog when you haven't written anything.

Mommy Cracked

Love you. Read you all the time!

The Eastsider

What silly questions. Of course, we love you but as Jeana said, you didn't write anything so how could we comment. I love ya!


Well of course I do ....what sane person wouldn't....

I even have an out of date button on my blog....LOL..


I love you like a daughter, you know that. Oh, wait a minute -- you ARE my daughter. Well, I love you anyway, and I read your blog, and because I'm your mother, I visit your blog, even when you don't write anything! And, I would leave a comment even then, if there was somewhere to comment. But, if you don't write a post, then there's no where for me to leave a comment. So, you see my dilemma.

Love, Mom

Love, Mom

Chi Chi

I agree. I visited you many times this 3-day weekend only to find the winners names pasted in front of me (none of which were me) over and over again. :) So yes, I do visit often and yes, I LOVE YA BABY!


Ditto the other comments, I was here on Sunday and Monday morning, but nothing was new, just the post on those darn winners. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

New Diva on the Blog

My stats are light too. I'm thinking people are just too darn cold to even read the riveting stuff we put out on a somewhat consistant basis!


GAAHH! Too busy to comment all the time.


Love reading your stuff! You are Witty and you have great links...a true testiment to your fabulous taste!

Crockstar Wannabe

I read you every single day but I am a diehard lurker. You are great!!

Invisible neighbor

You silly insecure girl. I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!

Dawn @ Baby Addiction

It's definitely the hot, scorching sarcasm that keeps me coming back for more.


We always love you. I think the holiday(s) has everyone thrown off. Especially those of us who read from work.


Oh yeah! Just wished I'd won the one contest I participated in.... ;)


I know I LOVE you! ; ) No, really I am starting to read your blog on a regular basis and I let everyone know how generous you were to give stuff away last week (see my next to last post if you get a chance). Heck see the latest one too! ; ) Thanks again and I will "see" you soon!

Karen @ Simply A Musing Blog

Oh yes, we still love you..but if no posts show up in the reader -- can't read ya! :)


Still luvin' ya in KC!


Actually nothing so personal, more like they're all at home for ski week so everything is a bit frantic.

Chrissy Witt

Nope, not loving you, came back to see if you were giving something away!! Just joking, I always have to check your blog out!! Yea yea love ya baby!!


Love you, but I was busy making my new home on the web.

I Should Be Folding Laundry

I would probably visit more if you served ice cream, but I still love you anyway. Who am I kidding? Your sarcasm has me begging for more.

Daddy Forever

You know I like you. That's why I sent you all that cash for V-day in the mail.

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