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February 29, 2008


The Eastsider

You're cracking me up! "He is some nice eye candy." Hope all is well. Miss you!


He is the only reason my TIVO is still recording that show. That, and the new shows haven't come back on yet. If I just turn the volume down when the girls speak, I can get through the show.

Chi Chi

How happy was I when I scrolled down to see such a lovely shot of our KIRBY? That picture is now my screen saver. How perfect. It will hold me over until next week's dose. Love ya.

Chrissy Witt

OMG!! I missed that, maybe I need to start watching that!!! Great thoughts for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm underwhelmed with the show too, but somehow keep watching. At the end of last nights episode (which I just watched this morning), I was actually pulling for the affair.

Just for the eye-candy. Hubba-hubba.


I like Cashmere Mafia much better! Have you seen it?

The Queen Mommy

I am laughing out LOUD at this post - oh my word - I needed this today!!!


Funny! I have wondered about this show...read the book...pretty unbelievable, but this show looks interesting...hmmmm

Found you on the Utlimate Blog Party.
How is life in Chicago? I am across the big lake from you in Michigan...can you see me waving???

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