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February 13, 2008


Llama Momma

Oh, I love flowers! My favorite flower story? I used to work for a florist back in high school. I'll never forget fielding the call from the woman who's visa bill had just arrived. "But I didn't order any flowers!" She insisted.
"Um. Maybe your husband did?"
"He couldn't have. I didn't get any flowers!"
"Um. Maybe they were a gift. For his mother or something."

Dead. Silence.

And twenty years later, I STILL remember that phone call!!

The Eastsider

The tulips are beautiful!

My little story is sentimental. When my oldest gave me her first bouquet of flowers, she was so very proud. She walked in from outside after a day of play, you know were this is going, handed me a dozen wilted dandelions. She picked them early during her play outside so, they wilted from sitting in the sun. She was so proud of them. I put them in a glass of water and loved them to the next morning when they couldn't be saved any longer.

The good news is, she is the one to tell the hubby to buy Mommy flowers at all times of the years. She is awesome at picking out bouquets of Mommy's favorites.

Chi Chi

My favorite flower story is about my husband. Every Valentine's Day he send roses to his mom and my mom without ever telling me about it. It is from him and our boys and it always is so special to them. Every once in awhile men surprise us with these bits of kindness. I usually get some too. :)


I love flowers, but alas, do not get them as often as I once did! My favorite flowers I received were at work on my husband's birthday! He sent a dozen to me, and another dozen to his mother. She received them for his appreciation of giving him life and raising him, I received them for putting up with him, as he stated in the card.


My husband and I went through secondary infertility due to my diagnosis with cervical cancer. We had been trying to conceive #2 for over 2 years, with clomid and IUI's, and a miscarriage. When I did finally conceive again, it was a true miracle. We found out via ultrasound that we were going to have another little girl. We went to the florist and picked out a beautiful arrangement of pink roses, lilies & tulips and took them to tell our daughter that she was going to have a little sister. The look on her face when we walked in the door with a big pink arrangement was priceless. She was so hoping for a little sister, and seeing her so excited was just an amazing thing.


ok...i have nothing...give them to jess...her story is amazing!!


I grow beautiful Asian Lilies in my garden. They are my favorite flower. I think they're so pretty that I cannot bring myself to cut any for indoors. Sadly, no one ever buys me asian lilies in a bouquet..


When I saw this picture, it reminded me of the bridal luncheon the day before your wedding. You had two Lennox vases on the table with white tulips in them, and you gave one to me and one to your mother-in-law to be. I still treasure that vase, and the memories of a special time in all of our lives that go with it.

Love, Mom


The first Valentines Day after my husband and I met he sent me a dozen long stemmed red roses. They were beautiful and I thought he was so romantic. The next year I got four new tires instead of flowers. Nothing says I Love You like new tires! We have been married for 20 years.


tulips are my fav too. my favorite flower story is from my anniversary two years ago. my husband decided to send me roses and godiva chocolate...until he remembered that i am not crazy about roses!! (they are too "normal"!!) so he called and cancelled that order and had them send me a bouquet of mixed flowers...tulips, orchids, and a bunch of really beautiful blooms. due to the mix-up, i somehow ended up with BOTH bouquets!! they forgot to cancel the roses, and they only charged him for one. the best part is...both bouquets came with their own box of truffles!! it was a GREAT anniversary. i always tell him not to buy me flowers b/c of the money, but i really do love getting them. this is a great giveaway!!!


My favorite flower is Daisies, but I love wild flower arrangements:) Beautiful tulips!!! I am missing Spring...


My favorite flower is Daisies, but I love wild flower arrangements:) Beautiful tulips!!! I am missing Spring...

stacey moore

my favorite flowers are lilies. I had a beautiful bouquet on my wedding day almost 10 years ago!! what an awesome giveaway!! thanks so much


My favorite flowers are roses. I generally buy myself roses at the grocery store at least once a month spring-summer. Today, I could use some flowers. Despite the snow outside I am initiating a special spring flower buying exception...


Back in 2000, the first Valentine's after my husband and I were married I was feeling kind of down b/c it was like a Monday or Tuesday and I just felt like it wasn't going to be a very good day. He was working really hard at work and I figured that he would be home late that night. Well, he showed up at my office with a vase of gorgeous flowers and took me to lunch. It was such a wonderful suprise!


When I was a high school teen, my family lived near a small liberal arts college. I occasionally attended concert and dances at the college for some social opportunity (I attended a private all-girls school many miles from home.)

I had become casual friends with one sweet freshman boy, Russ, and never though much of our acquaintanceship beyond the platonic, which was largely based on our mutual interest in certain rock bands of the era.

One morning, while getting ready for school, I heard my parents yelling in an accusatory tone at my little sisters.

"Who put that there? Did you ever plan on cleaning it up," was the line of questioning. Through their tears my sisters denied any wrongdoing.

I made my way downstairs to assess the commotion.

My mother explained to me that there were "flowers all over the front walk with your name on it."

"You mean, like a bouquet," I asked.

"No, they were those little white flowers picked off the bushes," she fumed.

I didn't really understand. My mom huffed and took it upon herself to clear the debris from the front walk with a push broom, and we went about our business for the day, never again thinking about the "flowery litter."

Some weeks later, I happened to be talking to my college pal.

"Hey, so, um, did you get my flowers," he asked shyly.

I was confused. "What? No. I mean, what flowers?"

My freshman friend pressed on, "Um, they said 'Hi' and spelled out your name."

"Um, hang on a minute..."

I ran downstairs to mom, while my poor friend waited on the phone line.

"Mom, did anyone send me flowers? Russ said he sent flowers with my name in them."

Mom pondered the question, and then realized what happened.

"Oh, remember that mess on the front walk a few weeks ago? I think that is what he's talking about! So HE did that? Oh, now I feel badly for yelling at your sisters..."

I ran back upstairs to my room to verify the information with Russ.

"Yeah," he confirmed, I was up late studying and decided to walk up to your street. I picked those flowers and spelled out the message so you would see it from your bedroom window. I hope you didn't get in trouble!"

I chuckled, both from the flattery and irony of the situation. "No," I explained, "I wasn't in trouble but my sisters were!"

I reassured him that it was a truly sweet gesture but I think he was still deflated knowing his artwork of petals met the dim fate of a pushbroom!


When my kids and I had to move from our old house with tons of Lily-of-the-Valley in the backyard, we were sad to give them up. The next spring, on her way home from school, my daughter found a small patch growing beside the sidewalk (hopefully they weren't in anyone's yard!) and picked a big handful for me. The fact that she remembered made them smell all that much sweeter. She's getting married this June and I think I'd use the gift certificate to send her a big bouquet of Lily-of-the-Valley when she gets to her new home, thousands (ok, maybe hundreds) of miles away from me. Thanks for the chance to win.


My favorite flowers are tulips and gerbera daisies. My story...

In the small town where I grew up,in jr. high and high school the school office became crowded with flowers and such on Valentine's. The office workers would hand you a note stating you had something waiting for you in the office. People flaunted those notes and those who didn't get one were very jealous. My first year in jr. high, we had just moved to that town and I didn't have many friends, let alone a "boyfriend" so I was dreading the day and expecting nothing. At the end of the day I received a note and ran to the office in shock. There was a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers from my father. He had known about the tradition and didn't want me to miss out. He continued to send flowers each Valentine's Day. So, the first flowers I ever received from a man were from my very own special Daddy.


Sometimes the only way to get flowers is to send them to yourself. Count me in!


First time here... but I plan to look around some more as I have time (you are chased by children, and I'm the baby chaser... busy busy busy!) :)

Just have to get my story in though... My favorite flower story is also my favorite flower... er... flowers. :) I'm afraid it's a long one though... sorry!

I met the man who is now my husband July 9th, 2004. I had stopped by his office to purchase software and he deliberately messed up my order to have 5 more minutes with me (I didn't know this till months later). Learning that I would be staying another week (I was from out of town) for a conference, he made plans to hang around with the group I was in... all week. By the end of that week, though nothing was ever said by either of us, I knew that I would marry that man if he asked me. I found a subtle way to leave him with my phone number and I hoped he'd call.

Over the next weeks, we chatted online and he did call. We talked 5 hours the first time, and made this a regular thing a couple times a week (the old fashioned expensive way) for the next 10 weeks. By the middle of August I mentioned that all I wanted for my birthday (at the end of September) was for him to come visit (from PA to OR). It was bold of me to say, but again, I was even more sure (knowing him only 5ish weeks) that I wanted to marry him.

Plans were made and another 5 weeks later he was on his way. I didn't know what to expect... we had never really talked specifically about our friendship or where it was going. I did know how he felt about relationships and that he never planned to say "I love you" to woman he wasn't planning to marry. I was so nervous as he arrived and we spent that first Saturday (2 days before my birthday) together. He said nothing. We had a wonderful weekend, walking on the beach, introducing him to my friends... it was wonderful just being with him. Still, though I could tell how he felt, he said nothing.

We traveled to my parents house in OR (from CA where I had been staying with friends) on Monday (my birthday). We took the time to stop and spend the afternoon in San Francisco (so romantic with a boat ride and walking together on the pier), but nothing. In all this time he didn't even hold my hand or anything (please understand... I was 26 at this point, so this is starting to feel a little juvinile of me to be hoping for him to hold my hand).

We arrived at my parents late that night, and evidentally something wasn't there that should have been. Long story short (is it too late?) he had ordered roses to be delivered for my birthday so they would be waiting when we arrived. Turns out... no flowers. He called the next morning (though I wasn't supposed to know) to figure things out and they said they would take care of it. Next day, no flowers! And though he had now held my hand at least once, we still had not talked about "us", nor did I know why he hadn't said anything. Finally Wednesday came... still no flowers, but as we were sitting by the river (in my parents yard) he was looking at me. When I asked him what he was thinking, he got figity... so I let him off the hook. :) That night he was doing it again and asked if I still wanted to know what he was thinking. I said yes and he told me...

He said he loved me... then he explained everything. He didn't mean to wait so long to say it. He waited all weekend (in torment) to say those words because he had a plan. When we arrived at my parents house there would be roses there to surprise me and he would tell me how he loved me for the first time. But the flowers didn't come. Nor did they come on Tuesday... or Wednesday... but he could wait no longer! We spent the next hours (late into the night) telling "our story" to each other from our own points of view ~ so fun!

The next morning, just before we departed for a day on the coast) the flowers arrived. 2 dozen red roses (he ordered 1 dozen assorted colors just incase I didn't feel the same, but God knew and made them even more special!)... I love red roses!

So those are my favorite flowers to have received... and that is my all time favorite flower story.

Post script: He asked me to marry him several weeks later when I visited PA... and we were married 6 months (to the day) from when we met! :) Life is so grand!


When I was a kid my mom was notorious for her black thumb. It didn't matter how hearty or low-maintenance the plants were, my mom would find a way to kill it. Or at least nearly kill it. A couple times each year she would put her almost-dead tea roses, spider plants, blooming cacti, and irises in the back of the station wagon and cart them off her Grandma's house for some plant rehab. Mom was always so frustrated because she tried -- she tried! - to get them to grow and year after year she needed help from her mom to keep them alive. Grandma told her to be patient, that green thumbs were earned, not bought, and sooner or later she would get the hang of it. And she was right -- now, decades later, my mom has one of the most beautiful gardens in our neighborhood. People stop when they walk by to ask about the Russian sage, the thriving holly bushes, the creeping roses and purple loosestrife. It's the kind of garden you where you could easily fall asleep in a hammock and wake up to afternoon tea.

Lately I've been bringing my mom plants I've nearly killed -- aloe and Amaryllis -- and she always reminds me to be patient, that there's a seed of green thumb in me somewhere; it's just taking awhile to sprout.


Adoption. Yes, what a rollercoaster we've been on. We've adopted 3 children, at different times and have had 12, yes 12 adoptions fall through. One of the babies I was even breastfeeding for 4 days when the birthmom changed her mind. Through all of this flowers from friends were a show of loss and support. The flowers meant new life and gave us the strength to continue our search for the the children that were meant for us. It took 5 years to complete our family and even though we had so many disappointments, we knew family and friends were with us. I wouldn't trade my children and their special stories for anything.


I will never forget this flower story. I was in middle school and my brother’s girlfriend was in town visiting. She stayed at our house and for some reason my mom had her sleep in my room. Therefore, we set up an extra bed and put my night stand between us on which was a vase of flowers and my alarm clock. Apparently, in the morning when my alarm was going off, I forgot the vase of flowers was there and I completely hit it with my hand sending it right onto my brother’s sleeping girlfriend. She wasn’t sleeping anymore! And their relationship didn’t last much longer after that. I think if I win I should send them to her as a long overdue apology.

Desiree Rutter

Last year, my five year old girl took ballet. The grand finale is of course the recital. It was her first year (and last for that matter), so she did not know about the tradition of bringing a dancer a flower for the recital. Once we arrived at the recital and she realized that there were flowers in everyone's hands all around us, she started asking me what they were for. Like every other girl on the planet, especially her momma, she wanted what everyone else had.

When it seemed like she could not wait any longer, I asked her to turn around. . .her daddy was walking down the aisle of the dance hall with a beautiful red rose with her name written all over it. She was so ecstatic that she ran down to greet him with a hug and a kiss.

The picture definitely made the scrapbook last year with the poem beside it. . . "I'm just as lucky as can be, for the World's Best dad belongs to me."

I would have to agree wholeheartedly!


I'm with you -- I'm a tulip girl. And that bouquet is just gorgeous!!

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