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February 11, 2008



Such a GREAT long sleeve tee! I LOVE long sleeve tees! be.ology is a FABULOUS find! Thanks for sharing about them! be.loved, be.kind, be.hopeful - - - so WONDERFUL! I like the be.kind pink short sleeve tee...please enter my in your contest. I've got a Michigan address for you! :)

Chi Chi

Love this. I would like the short sleeve, black "be.kind" shirt. Pick me, pick me!

Sue B

Be You
Who wouldn't want to be you? (it is certainly better than be oh)


I think I like be hopeful.

Actually I prefer be grateful, but misspellings make my eye twitch, even when they're done on purpose.


I love the short sleeve tee be.loved shirt.

Karen @ Simply Amusing Blog

I love the be.hopeful tee. Powerfully positive.

Queen B

So fun! Thanks for hosting this .

I love the b.kind shirt. I might wear it everyday.


i am fond of the ladies short sleeved be.hopeful tee. thanks for such a great giveaway!!!



I preach that all the time to my kiddos.
I loved these shirts...very cool!

The Eastsider

Be.You is my choice! These are awesome! Thanks for being you!


Those shirts are really wonderful. I love be.peaceful!


Pick me!! I'd choose be kind!


I love these shirts. I like the be.kind one.

New Diva on the Blog

I like be.you, be.exceptional, and be.bright, long sleeve.

However, I would like you to know that the winner is going to be.me. ;)


Congrats on the 200 post milestone! That's wonderful! Someday, maybe I'll be.you, but for now, I'll have to just get the shirt.

Congrats again!


Be. You, baby. All the way.

invisible neighbor

BE.EXCEPTIONAL Doesn't that say it all?
Long sleve brown please. You know the size.


I love those shirts. I'm so glad you're highlighting them. I would love to win one! I love the be.you one.




As a mom of two girls, I think I have to go with be.you - that's just what I want them to do!


I like the short sleeved tee that says "be.kind" I think more people need that reminder these days. Thanks for the chance!

200th post - Way to Go!!


be.you My favorite. I think we all need to remember to be ourselves. Great shirt ideas love it!!!


They are all so great. My personal mantra is peace, so I would love the be.peaceful shirt! But all of the others -especially be.kind and be.involved are wonderful! Thank you for pointing out this site!!!


I like the be.you long sleeve in brown. Cute shirts!


Yes I want to win this. I love it all!

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