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February 12, 2008



I was determined not to miss out this time...lol...

All I had to do was work out the time difference and well the rest should be history....even if it is half 10 at night and I have given up the lasted Celebrity Fashion mag....

I have just finished my personal met and greet with the Truffle Family....

I choose....Ummmm...so hard only one....Ummmmm....Eenni Menni...MAYAN...

Yes...Mrs Mayan Truffle...

So hard to choose.....

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Um, Honey Vanilla Caramel?? Gee....(sigh)...O.K.!


excuse me. you know i am 7 months pregnant and you want me to pick out ONE truffle that catches my eye? Try ALL OF THEM!

i heart dark chocolate, so those looked yummiest to me!


This was not a good idea to see these this early in the morning because I'm not going to be able to get them out of my head! They are beautiful. I think the Raspberry Chambord and the Grand Marnier sound divine. Along with the Clear Creek Pear Brandy. Chocolate with alcohol = my new best friend.

Chi Chi

I love the Popcicle shaped ones. Cute. But, I would like to taste the vanilla caramel and the Bailey's Irish Cream. YUM!

Sue B

I chose the nut and chew collection because it just sounds like something you would say.


I think the Bailey's Irish Cream truffle sounds yummy!


Love dark chocolate!


Holy canoli, girl. Yum. I love the way chocolate is art. Beautiful to look at, delicious to eat. I'm all about the dark chocolate, but I'd love to try that Chambord.

Liz G.

·Extra Bittersweet·
'cause I'm a purist.

(Not that I would kick any of the others out of bed...except for maybe that Raspberry Chambord...just sayin'.)


Oh those mint tingles are making my mouth all tingley!!!


The Razzleberry and the Vanilla Pyramid look amazing. And the ice cream cone ones are adorable! Count me in.

I Should Be Folding Laundry

I could look at the site for hours. Actually, I think I did. Call me boring, but nothing can break up me and my friend milk chocolate. We are friends to the end.

New Diva on the Blog

Sea salt Valentine collection has my name written all over it!


I love a good truffle, but am absolutely over the moon about the sea salt caramels. Love them!


I heart sea salt caramels!! Thanks for the giveaway.


Although I love dark chocolate, I wasn't sure what the Grenada and Ocumarlan truffles were. So I'll stay on the safe side and choose the Honey Vanilla Caramel. And thanks so much for choosing me!


Ooooo! They all look so good, but I would love to try The Ocumarian, and the Ivory Cat and Chocolate Lab are so cute!


The dark chocolate ganache truffles sound divine! Oh so yummy, my mouth is watering now!

Dawn @ Baby Addiction

The Cafe Mocha Collection is making me very hungry!!!


Oh, anything milk chocolate is my friend...so those milk chocolate truffles are making me drool. However, the Sundae truffles sure do sound wonderful as well!

The Eastsider

This is a hard decision. The Honey Vanilla Carmel hits lots of cravings.


Tough call...but I'd have to go with the Italia Cappucino Pyramid.
It looks very mystical.
(I only wish they had invented Taste-O-Vision for the eMac...the family would have to hold an intervention..... :)


Oh my goodness! I must have the Ivory Cat Truffle!! YUM!!


I choose the Sea Salt Carmel Valentine Collection - yummy! Yum, yum, Yum.

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