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January 23, 2008


Chrissy Witt

Wow, cool! I had no idea that would work!

Autumn Dahlia

OOoooh I could SO use that! Awesome tip!

New Diva on the Blog

What a fabulous tip! Those chafing can be pesky to clean!


Oh, thanks for this! Also, I saw our maintanence (sp?) gal at church put a cup of salt with a cup (or so) of ice in a dirty coffee carafe -swish it - swirl it around, and it came out spotless...
Salt - it's a GOOD thing ;-D


I have never heard of that. Great tip! And will you PLEASE post a recipe of the creme brulee french toast? I have drool all over my computer now. It sounds like heaven.

Just Seeking

What a great tip! I too would like the recipe for the creme brulee french toast!


i just love slippers great gift

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