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January 13, 2008



That is so sweet. Well said, love. I'll have to check out this blog you guys were talkin about!!


Did you ever hear the saying about how you treat your parents is how your children will treat you when you are old? I try to bite my tongue and keep my patience around my mom because I don't want to my kids to talk to me like a three year old when I'm 70!


Believe me, I understand that you are under alot of stress right now, and I didn't think a thing about it.

Love, Mom

Sister Honey Bunch

Ok, now I feel guilty about how I was short with my mom yesterday.

I am loving your blog! Just found it today.


this is really good. thanks for sharing it.


what a great post! Isn't it funny how we want our kids to treat us reminds us how we treat our parents...i've had many of those moments myself!

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