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January 01, 2008



See if I were a close friend I could easily say you should have planned better...I mean who's idea was it to have kids in Nov and Dec anyway? Seriously all in jest, I've not commented enough to really have made those comments but well you know sarcasm well! But on the flip side, I think its fabulous that you have two crazy months and then get to be sane all year long...at least thats how it may, might, is probably not in theory, right?


So I guess you don't throw a big ole Martin Luther King Day Open House, then?


(hey, thanks for visiting my blog...it's great to discover you, too)

Chrissy Witt

I may never ever call my November, December, and January CRAZY again maybe just a little insane, I will never match up!! You deserve waaaaaaaaaay more than a high five for that!!!

The Eastsider

I'm glad you're back. I just wasn't the same. Happy New Year!

Llama Momma

Great to hear from you again! Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Darlin', I hope 2008 provides a happy and healthy new year for you and your family.

Now that it' slowing down, it is now time to get everyone together for another great bloggy meet up! I'm thinking more FLAN.

and wine. Wine is good.


You have my sympathy. Lot's of it!

I'm vastly relieved the holidays are over. Except for cleaning up. What was that about wine???


Welcome back, bloggy friend. Your words and wit were truly missed. Congrats on another year with the King!


I was wondering where you had been! I have a similar fall. Mine starts in October. Birthday, Halloween, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Christmas, New Years, Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... I'm about ready for my long winter's nap.


See? Your legions of fans are happy you are back too!

Now quit your whining and get busy!
And Happy New Year!

Chi Chi

WELCOME BACK. I missed you. Thanks for the fantastic brunch yesterday. You OUT DID yourself. It was so great to see you. Lunch before you start work? Don't be a stranger, please.


So I guess your family has a mating season?

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