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January 27, 2008


dorky dad


If I post this pink thing on my site, then watch an episode of the office -- and I can very easily now, thanks to my friend Netflix -- will I get a better chance?

I Should Be Folding Laundry

I'm locked and loaded for ya', babe.

Autumn Dahlia

I hooked it up! So the answer is - I loves ya baby!


I love ya baby! My button is up and I hope it rockets you straight to bloggy traffic fame and fortune. At the very least I can promise at least 6 people will click on it!


yikes, I did it . . . pat on back.

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Locked and loaded, baby!!

Mary Issabella

Please enter me...


Still getting over seeing my name in lights here on your blog...but I am going to try really hard and link this to my blog when I managed to breath properly....Ha Ha..

Soooooo if your site meter lists me as visiting your site 243 times an hour, it's just me trying to work out this button Ha Ha....I promise I am not stalker you...


I did it....It's on....I'll leave a little diddie about it...I have some wonderful readers from the states that I am sure would love to join in...they call me the adopted Aussie !!


I am going to attempt post this button properly, but for some strange reason a lot of buttons get chopped off in my side bars. Haven't a clue why?

Lisa's Chaos

I will add your little button to my blog right away.

The chopped off look can be fixed by changing the width, just make sure to change the height to keep proportions. I'll have to narrow the width for my sidbar too.


Oh my gosh - I actually DID it! How fun!!!


I did it!

(That it was easy and fun...maybe I should try cleaning up the rest of the sidebar on the ol' blog... of course, that would be too much like cleaning house.)


I came over from the bloggy giveaway & saw this. Sounds like fun! I put the button in my sidebar. :D


Posted up on my blog! Thanks!

New Diva on the Blog

I did it!! SORRRY it took me SO long. I kinda forgot what I was doing and needed and extra minute to remember!


I put you in my sidebar...I'm so excited!



Put you in my sidebar, sounds awesome!!


Put you in my sidebar, sounds awesome!!


Put you in my sidebar, sounds awesome!!


I've added you in my sidebar. =)


I did it! I did it!


It's posted and it looks good!


I've added the button to my blawg!


whoot! added you to my sidebar!

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