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January 23, 2008



So ... where are the pictures?


So ... where are the pictures?

Chrissy Witt

I know you have pictures, c'mon post'em!!

The Eastsider

We need pictures. It looks like the mullet is coming back! Another Saint Whotheheck sibling did this last week. I sense a trend.

Chi Chi

I am echoing the rest, I want to see some pictures!!! I cannot draw a full conclusion without pictures. She is too cute not to make a mullet work. I have to say, I was glad to find out it was Princess Mimi and not you. I was a little concerned when I saw the title of your blog today. Hang in there, as we have been telling you, "The hair will grow." Love ya.

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Oh my goodness...we've got to see pics of this!


Oh that poor little princess! How could you, Mom???

Award for you at my blog!


I am REALLY looking forward to coming to your house next week now!

Love Coco's comment. That kid is going to end up out "witty-ing" both of us!

Love, Mom

Autumn Dahlia

My friends daughter did the same thing the day before her first day of Kindergarten. Quote: "It was in ma FACE".

Autumn Dahlia

My friends daughter did the same thing the day before her first day of Kindergarten. Quote: "It was in ma FACE".

Autumn Dahlia

My friends daughter did the same thing the DAY before her first day of KINDERGARTEN!

Quote: "It was in ma FACE"


That was one of my worst nightmares when my daughter was younger.

I have seen some hair styles that makes the Oscars look lame over the primary years...

Thank goodness for hats hey ?...

New Diva on the Blog

Pictures please! I could really use a little fun today!

Tommy Stinson

Well, I've always been of the opinion that MULLETS ROCK.


Ohhhhh, your poor baby! Yeah - Coco's sense of humor is FAN-TASTIC, but not so much for Mimi... I dread the day my Princess figures out how to do that and then tries it on her baby sister (because that WILL undoubtedly happen...)


We need pictures. Because well you've described something so great it necessitates them. Please? You're so pretty. And nice. And most always funny. What am I saying, you're always funny!!!! PLEASE!

Just Seeking

I'd like pictures, please!
This same thing happened to my girls. O, at about 3 years old, took the scissors to J when J was about 18 months. She was full-on mullet---but only on one side! it was hideous. I ended up having to get all of her sweet red curls cut off the other side and back just to even it all out. It was a sad, sad day (I did keep the curls in her baby box though).

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