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January 03, 2008


More Than A Single Mom

How can I even pin point just ONE of these? A FREAKING RIOT I TELL YA! I loved it........and I do not like Elisabeth Hasselback. Please replace her.


You are totally back and you haven't missed a beat!
The View needs you!


Love. It.

Dragon Lady

And finally, Chi Chi will continue to bring you chicken soup and Starbucks when needed. :)Love ya.

Chrissy Witt

Great post, as usual!!


You always crack me up. Every time.


HA!! I love this post! And PLEASE replace Elizabitch!! I beg of you. The View needs you and I need you!!


Glad you're back. Now put your hat back on and give me the winning lottery numbers!!!


Your Magic 8 ball is right-on!

(I found you through Lisa and Christie and have enjoyed reading your blog.)

I Should Be Folding Laundry

I can't help but be inspired by #9. I'm going to find Brit Brit now.


These are hysterical. You must come from funny stock -- or at least big women with sturdy feet.

Love, Mom

Daddy Forever

Margaret T, I see you made fun of me while I have been away. I might have to do the same while you are work for a few months. I have not seen the Office either, but I have been to Office Depot.

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