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November 01, 2007



Great pictures! Why none of the laundry room? :D (I crack me up sometimes!)

Why does Bibbles look like he has a realllly long neck with multiple collars around it? You aren't doing one of those African things on him where they stretch the neck way out, are you?

Love you. Mom


you got a Nikon 40x too?
How wonderful! And I want your kitchen. That's all I got....

go on now, go take more photos!


you got a Nikon 40x too?
How wonderful! And I want your kitchen. That's all I got....

go on now, go take more photos!


Holy granite countertops, Batman! It's beautiful!


Hey, have lots of fun w/ the new camera!! You can see a lot thru the eye of a camera lens.

rip, runnin and roarin

Beautiful kitchen! I think the camera takes great pictures! Enjoy


Not fair!
Now I need to see the whole house. You can't just tease with granite and crown molding and then leave us hanging.
Congrats on your new camera!

Ornery's Wife

Lovely home! Cute dog! Awesome pix! Keep it up!


BTW, are you getting my emails? I emailed you yesterday and a few weeks ago...I've had some trouble with my gmail, so just thought I'd ask.


oh so drooling over your kitchen....we're about to redo ours, not that early 80's almond doesn't have it's finer points....

and It's NIKON...so on my next birthday list (well if kitchen remodel doesn't completely strap us)


I loooove your counter tops!


CLUNK. I want your kitchen.

What camera did you get? I have a Nikon D50 that I looooooooooooooove.

Mother of 4

hey i thought i was going to help you purchase that there picture taker!! looks like a good one. REMEMBER the Yearbook!! with all those school shots!


um, I want your kitchen. And toss that cute doggy in, too.



three dog lady

What the heck kinda dog is that? Are you sure it's a dog??!! And what's up with the two collars?

Just kidding. I'm sure he's cute and squeaky.

Beth F.

I love your kitchen.

Will you make me dinner and bake a cake? I'll take pictures of you doing it with your camera. And I'll eat your food.

I'm filled with good ideas.

Lady by the Creek

I think we need some laundry room shots too... For all your friends to understand the full magnitude of the mountains you are plagued with. Love ya.


You're kitchen is like something out of my dreams! Absolutely beautiful. Enjoy it all! In the dining room picture, there are stands on the table, are they Halloween? I think I have the same ones, they are great!

Misty Dawn

LOVE your kitchen - it's absolutely gorgeous! Love the pup too - so cute!

crhp lady

Wow, all the gushing comments on your kitchen. I am almost speechless! I had no idea why you came over last week insisting on taking a few "snapshots" in order to get ideas for your own kitchen...speechless

Karen C.

Good cameras are the best, yes??? Thanks for a fun blog.

More Than A Single Mom

I am head over heels in love with your foyer now..........

Just Seeking

Your kitchen is gorgeous!

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